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Requests filled! Celebrities, Firefly, Hunger Games, Spartacus, True Blood, and more...

Yeah, I haven't slept, lol, so I did all the requests.  So enjoy.

10 Wallpapers
 - 2 Celebrities
 - 1 Firefly
 - 1 Gossip Girl
 - 1 Hunger Games
 - 1 Spartacus: Blood and Sand
 - 1 True Blood
 - 2 Twilight
 - 1 The Vampire Diaries


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Title: With No Regret
Cast: Edward and Bella
Words: Linda Perry and Grace Slick
Info: Request for anniehunnam85. A simple remake of the scene of Edward watching Bella sleeping with the dream team Bella of Emily Browning. I felt the lyrics seemed to fit Edward's state of mind very well.

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Title: Wash Away the Pain
Cast: Angela and Riley
Words: Aiden
Info: Request for niki1988. This is based on the non cannon couple of the Twilight universe, Angela and Riley. I love doing the more tragic looking ones and used caps from the deleted Eclipse scenes for Angela. I wanted to make it look as if the two had to leave one another by using the stocks of the graves to show Riley in the state of death with Angela in life. I also always like to use lightning to split people.

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Title: Outside Your Door
Cast: Damon, Elena, and Stefan
Words: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Info: Request for angelus2hot. This is simply a character/threesome piece of these three. I love using the fantasy style stocks with this fandom, such as the forests and more and found this image to work well with them.

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Title: Happiness in Slavery
Cast: Jason and Eric
Words: Nine Inch Nails
Info: Request for ikarusphoenix. When I got this request, I planned to make it more slashy, but I just couldn't get it to work. So I played around with these images instead and decided to give it kind of a darker feel with the black and white. Then I pulled up these lyrics and gave it more of a naughty S&M feel, which is kind of fun. And what is True Blood without a little blood brush as well?

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Title: Come Together
Cast: Spartacus and Varro
Words: Soundgarden
Info: Request for letit_linger. SInce I don't watch this show (yet), I just did a character piece with this one. I utlized what I know about the time period and decided to use the brighter colors for a more bronzen and strong look.

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Title: Times Long Ago
Cast: Katniss and Peeta
Words: The Rolling Stones
Info: Request for effulgent_girl. This piece was remade about five times. It kind of made me crazy, lol. I decided to give it a sadder mood, as I feel that is the overall feel of the books and really liked these lyrics.

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Title: Born to Mesmer
Cast: Dan and Blair
Words: Placebo
Info: Request for quiet_rebel. I don't watch this show, so I went with what little I knew of the couple and made it kind of a lovey little piece. I wanted to make the colors a little different, but it wouldn't cooperate with me for some reason.

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Title: With Our Souls
Cast: Kate Beckinsale and Jackson Rathbone
Words: Prince
Info: Request for super_natural_3. Fun pairing of two people that I find goregous. I just decided to have a lot of fun with this one, so I went with more upbeat images, bright colors, and sexy lyrics. I drew in the circle for an additional little pop.

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Title: The Tiniest Spark
Cast: Kate Winslet and Danny Williams
Words: Bjork
Info: Request for failegaidin. Another false couple piece, but with this one, I don't know anything about Danny Williams. However, I love Kate Winslet, so this was an interesting piece. I had to make it three different times to get what I really like. I'm still not too satisfied with the colors I used, but I like the two images of Kate instead of simply the one I had initially used.

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Title: The Edge of the World
Cast: Mal and Inara
Words: The Cure
Info: Request for xfirefly9x. A mere couple piece. Since I didn't do too much image wise with this piece, I decided to dress it up with color and texture, which I think worked out well. I also really liked The Cure lyrics and placement.

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