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Requests filled! Queer As Folk, True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and more!!!

10 Wallpapers
 - 2 Celebrities
 - 1 Crossover (One Tree Hill and Supernatural)
 - 1 Hawaii 5-0
 - 1 Hercules
 - 1 Queer As Folk
 - 1 True Blood
 - 1 Twilight
 - 2 Vampire Diaries


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Title: Taste in Men
Cast: Damon and Elena
Words: Placebo
Info: Made for vamplover85. Much like all my Damon and Elena walls, I try to make them look very classical because I feel they are a very gothic type of couple. As in the time period, not the style of today.  I love the look of these images and I feel the colors flowed very nicely.

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Title: Tear You Apart
Cast: Damon and Elena
Words: She Wants Revenge
Info: Made for midnight_owl13. This piece is very different from others I make as I usually use darker colors. However, the firey feel of their relationship worked very well in this piece, so I really liked these colors, as well as the stock. I feel the lyrics are a good choice as well.

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Title: Love Bites
Cast: Angela and Riley
Words: Bush
Info: Made for niki1988. I am so running out of images to use of these two because there simply are not enough. :( The coloring worked very well in this and I also really liked the fonts and stocks used.

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Title: Something Wild
Cast: Jessica and Hoyt
Words: Bonnie Tyler
Info: Made for aruna7. Oh, Jessica and Hoyt! My one hope that their would be some true love in "True Blood". Last season just broke my heart with those two. So doing this piece threw me back into the fantasy land of them being together. They just remind me so much of me and my husband and they're so sweet together.

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Title: Hum Along
Cast: Brian and Justin
Words: Stone Temple Pilots
Info: Made for anniehunnam85. I don't watch this show, but I have a feeling I may need to start just based on making this piece. I had to look through lots of sites to find images of a decent size and like what I saw as far as this show goes. These colors really seemed loving and overall happy to me, which I feel the two of them are about in the show. The lyrics seem about life in general.

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Title: Your Winter and Rain
Cast: Hercules
Words: Smashing Pumpkins
Info: Made for angelus2hot. Okay, I thought this was going to end up a lot worse than it did, which irriated me because I always liked Kevin Sorbo cuz he's a MN boy. He grew up in Mound, which is like, forty-five minutes from where I live. I'm always about supporting the locals, lol. Plus, I loved this show growing up. However, I couldn't find any really decent sized images of him as Hercules and only had this one. But I was able to play with the colors and textures enough to make this wallpaper, which I think ended up pretty nice.

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Title: Just Like Heaven
Cast: Steve and Kono
Words: The Cure
Info: Made for failegaidin. This is a simple couple piece, as I have never watched the show, so I know very little about the characters or couples. It took me a while to find some really nice images that I liked, so this piece had to be remade a few different times.

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Title: A Ship in Flames
Cast: Sam and Haley
Words: Bauhaus
Info: Made for americangrl69. This was a fun piece, despite me not knowing much about One Tree Hill and therefore, Haley. But I do love the character of Sam Winchester, so I played with the whole dark side of him (as usual) and made this more of a darker piece.

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Title: My Smile
Cast: Famke Janssen and Taylor Kitsch
Words: Slipknot
Info: Made for super_natural_3. Okay, so this was originally going to be a lighter kind of romantic piece, but once again, I pulled up the forest stocks and it got darker. Then, I pulled up the song "Snuff" by Slipknot and when playing it with the image of Famke, I came up with the idea of a couple where one of them had died and the woman is thinking of her dead mate. Yeah, that's where my mind goes with this stuff. So once again, we've reached this kind of piece, lol.

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Title: Contrasted by the Night
Cast: Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, and Nathan Fillion
Words: Jane's Addiction
Info: Made for xfirefly9x. This was a fun piece to make, as I could really do anything I wanted with it. Plus, these guys are all super fun to look at, lol. I'm especially proud of the coloring in this as I think it turned out well.

Tags: requests, wallpaper: celebrities, wallpaper: crossover, wallpaper: taylor kitsch, wallpaper: the vampire diaries, wallpaper: true blood, wallpaper: twilight

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