Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Again, for those request people...

All right, I'm halfway through the requests - WOO HOO!

So they will be up soon and then another line may be open for more.  My creativity kind of died for a while and then I forced it out the other night when working on some stuff for a friend.  That, and the husband is working late this week, so I'm alone and bored, lol.  :)  Gotta find something to do now that the creative housework (painting the new photography office) is done.

Oh, and I had to find another reason to use another Lisbeth Salander gif.  I need about 50 reasons because I love these gifs.

Oh, and just cuz I do LOVE Rooney's Lisbeth too, I'll add her as well, lol. :)  Damn, I'm hungry now for crappy fast food.

Tags: requests

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