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Update on the bad stuff and then some happier things...

Hi guys,

Thank you so much for your kind words and comments regarding my last post. Many may not think it's a lot because we're all online and don't see each other and such, but whenever anyone has a kind word to say, I really take it to heart. So thank you.

Regarding my stepson, there's not really too much to say.  He and my husband had a long talk yesterday and he apologized profusely for everything.  He was extremely remorseful and for those of you that know any type of addict, a lot of them don't have any remorse for what they do to others.  So that was good.  He said he was horrible to everyone that night, not just us.  His friends were actually the ones that threw him in that cab that night because he was being just awful to them as well.  So he felt like shit.  I mean, he's a good person when he doesn't have all that crap in his system.  He has a really good heart and would never do any of that stuff he did sans the drugs and alcohol.  So yesterday was hard for him but good at the same time.  I hope some good comes of it.

And my husband just came home for lunch and told me that his son is just TOTALLY freaked out by his behavior and everything and  is just a total mess.  Which once again, I say that's good.

On a couple other notes, my husband was contacted by the owners of Rock Fest.  They want to put one of his photos on their official mug this year that all the concertgoers buy because they are different each year.  Also, it will have his photography logo on it, which I designed!  *hops around with glee*  So something I designed will actually be on an official product!  I thought that was  pretty cool.  It is here on his website, if you want to see it.  It is on the corner of all of his photos as well.  And there's semi naked me in the portraits section, lol.  :)

Also, I did a job interview yesterday that I think went REALLY well.  I hope!  I will know tomorrow if I got the job, but it is close to home, it pays the same as my last job, great hours, and they seem like really cool people there.  It's doing AP invoice processing, which I'm pretty good at, so here's hoping!

And finally, is there anyone here who has lived in CA before (the San Diego or surrounding areas in particular)?  I know a few have.  I was just trying to seek out some info because I am looking online at property down there and I only have visited downtown and Del Mar.  I just want to know what people think of a few areas cuz you really don't know until you live there.  Like, if people asked about Minneapolis, I'd be like, "Do NOT go to northwest Minneapolis!"  People die there every day, it's awful.  Gang slum over there which is too bad.  But anyhow, I am looking at properties online and they are in areas such as Logan Heights, Lemon Grove, Encanto, and a few others.  I had a friend tell me that everything is all ghetto in CA and it's stupid to even spend money down there, but something tells me he just got a raw deal when he tried to go there.  So any advice on that place would be lovely.

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