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Sex and violence...

If I hear from one more person that sex is worse than violence, my foot is going in their ass.  Then I'm booking it on over to Europe where you people have some common sense about this...

The other night, I went to get a waxing done and was being all chatty with the girl doing the waxing.  She wasn't my normal girl, who is really cool.  I already knew this was going to be a problem because this is a real high end salon and there are like, four people there that are not real conservative.  So she asked what I was doing that night and I told her I was going to a concert cuz my husband was doing photos.  She continues by asking if I've been to any other shows lately and so I, of course, go on about the Rammstein show cuz I'm still geeking out over that.  She didn't know who they were so I proceeded to tell her.  Then I told her I wanted to see them the next night in Canada cuz I just really wanted to see them again AND I found out that the stuff they were banned from doing in the US, was going on in Canada.  She asks me what was banned.  Well, in 1998, I believe, they got in trouble because they did simulated sodomy onstage and were arrested in three states for obscene behavior.  If anyone is curious as to what I am talking about, YouTube the song, "Buck Dich" (Uncensored).  And for those of us who don't speak the German, Buck Dich means bend over, and the whole song is about S&M.  So it's not like a huge surprise.  Plus, um, IT'S FAKE!  My husband actually saw it then and said it was just hysterical.  And apparently, the US (in place of getting the big fake cock during that song) get to see a guy get a big light busted over his back.  So once again with the US, violence is a better option than sex.  Oh, btw, if you watch the YouTube video, on one of them, there are numerous people who are like, "That's fake!"  Gee, REALLY?

Yeah, this chick didn't find this too funny or interesting or whatever.  She got all up in arms about it.  While I have boiling wax on me, mind you.  She's all, "Well, I guess you can expect that from a heavy metal show" and "They should really think about the children" and more.   Think about the children, my ass.  I wasn't allowed to go to concerts when I was a little kid unless I went with my parents and if by some strange chance I had been able to sneak off to a Rammstein show when I first started listening to them at twelve years old, guess what?  I knew what sex was!  Ugh.  So then we got into the film conversation.

I'm the kind of person who would rather watch a sex scene than a brutally violent one.  I don't understand film ratings in this country.  Here's my big example.  Some of you may get this, but as of now I know no one who has seen both of these films.  Okay, I saw the film, "Drive" which was rated R.  I also saw the film "Shame", which was rated NC-17.  I really liked them both, but was much more comfortable watching "Shame" and I'll tell you why.  This is pretty spoiler free, as well, so no worries there.  There are two particular scenes in "Drive" that I CANNOT watch.  One, someone gets their head blown clean off.  Graphically.  Two, someone literally beats someone to death while stomping their head in so hard that it cracks and you see brains.  This was the version shown in the theater - the R rated version.  "Shame" is about sex addiction.  It shows a considerable amount of sex - your basic forms onto threesomes and more and then some male full frontal nudity.  That's the one that got the NC-17.  I mean, I literally looked this up and that is why it got that rating.  I don't see why it couldn't have gotten an R.  The last time I checked, R rated films were made FOR adults anyway,  So your kid isn't going to see it unless they sneak in or if you bring them, which is your own fault.

And before you go asking how I would feel watching each scene with my parents, here's another example.  I watched the new version of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" with my mom and dad.  The rape scene was so hard to get through (hell, even when I watched it ALONE).  The sex scene with Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig?  I LOVE that scene for some reason and had absolutely no problem watching it with both of my parents.  So...

Thanks for listening to my rant.  I don't want to offend anyone, so please don't take it that way.  I just feel it's so ridiculous over here.  When I was in Germany, they were so cool about sex and nudity.  Here, I am so often made to feel dirty for liking sex like I do.  And you know, I'm all about protecting kids.  This has nothing to do with children.  I'm talking about the adults here and stuff that is supposed to be for adults.  It's just lame.

Oh, that's why I had to use this icon, lol. :)
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