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8 New Wallpapers - Angel, Buffy, Grindhouse, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

8 New Wallpapers
- 1 Angel
- 4 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- 1 Grindhouse: Planet Terror
- 2 Millennium Trilogy: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

PLEASE DO NOT STEAL, REPOST, CLAIM AS YOUR OWN, OR SELL ANY OF THESE IMAGES. This includes posting them on personal blogs, Facebook, Fanpop, Tumblr, Twitter, and anywhere else you can imagine. They are for personal desktop use ONLY. Thank you.


Angel Wallpaper

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Title: Blinded Me with Science
Cast: Fred
Words: Thomas Dolby
Info: I decided to do a manip for an art challenge because I haven't done on in a while and one of my favorite characters is Fred. Fred is the epitome of a hot geek, in my opinion. Plus, her character is a super smart scientist. So, I did a manip of her in a rather sexy fashion. She a strong, sexyx, and smart female character. Pretty easy explanation, for once, lol.

Buffy Wallpapers

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Title: The Current
Cast: Faith
Words: Tool
Info: Made for bre2004's BF challenge based upon elements. I used water as my element here. The interpretation of it I used was the way that water is interpreted through the unconsciousness. Water often symbolizes unconsciousness, so I immediately thought of Faith and her coma. Water is also very common in the dream state, so I wanted to show at least the one image of 'dreams' in the coma, hence, the image of her running faded into the other images. The coloring and stock of the water seemed very fitting for the theme.

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Title: No Need for Me to Stay
Cast: Anya and Xander
Words: Nine Inch Nails
Info: Decided to go with the sad option on this one (big surprise, lol!). This scene in the series really killed me. I am one of those people who really enjoyed the character of Anya, although I know a lot of people didn't like her. For those of us that have been through an engagement and wedding, we know how entertaining that is and I remember being exactly like Anya was in this season with her extreme excitement and happiness. Plus, she really loved Xander. I greatly despised the fact that Xander killed off his shot at happiness due to the fact that other people were unhappy with one another. Being with Anya would have been a great way for him to get out of that whole mess of a family and he would have been able to see how a family could have been good versus what I considered to be abusive.

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Title: Sanitarium
Cast: Buffy
Words: Metallica
Info: Also for bre2004's challenge. I decided to use air as an element in this one. Once again, I decided to go with the interpretation of air in dreams. I'm kind of obsessed with dream interpretations and find them terribly interesting. Plus, there's a lot to play with when it comes to them. In regards to air, there's a bunch of different types. I focused on fog or polluted air. Apparently when one dreams of fog, they are feeling lost in their path or unable to find their way in life. They can feel trapped or like they are losing their mind.

I feel that is how Buffy felt in the "Earshot" episode, especially in this scene when it seemed like everything was collapsing in on her. Part of me really wanted to do "Normal Again" for this, but it didn't work out and I have always wanted to art this scene. I wanted to use a fog stock, but it was downright impossible to utilize one in this piece. Instead, I decide to make only one image of Buffy clear, making other parts of her unclear, otherwise considered foggy. So there are numerous images of her from this scene that are purposely hidden.

These lyrics seemed really great for how she felt and the overall feel of the piece. "Sanitarium" is all about being locked away, whether it is in one's head or an actual prison. So it worked nicely.

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Title: Three Way Script
Cast: Buffy and Joyce
Words: Gordon Lightfoot
Info: I looked up dream interpretations and found that the vision of a burning home often means that one is having issues with their family or those close to them.

Hence, I looked up the episode in which Buffy was first called upon as the Slayer and we saw her arguing with Joyce through the window. I remember people giving Buffy a lot of crap about how serious she always was and I was like, "Really? Because I know I'd be fun loving as all get out if I had to grow up like this."

I don't particularly care for this piece, as I envisioned it better, but I wanted to put the house in the middle to emphasize the problems between Buffy and her loved ones. These lyrics seemed to work rather well too because I feel if Buffy could have chosen, she never would have been the Slayer. It is too much of a burden for one person to carry alone, if you think about it. She didn't deserve to do that all herself.

Grindhouse: Planet Terror Wallpaper

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Title: #12
Cast: Cherry
Words: Cherry
Info: This is basically just a really fun piece. For those who have seen the movie "Grindhouse", they know that Cherry keeps listing off these 'useless talents', with go go dancing being the twelfth. Hence, the name.

The Millennium Trilogy: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Wallpapers

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Title: One Bright Moment
Cast: Lisbeth and Mikael
Words: Florence + the Machine
Info: Made for a Florence and the Machine lyrical challenge at Buffyforums. Okay, unlike EVERYONE, I'm not a big fan of Florence and the Machine. But I'm not a big U2 fan like everyone in the universe either, so I'm kind of a weirdo, lol. I do like "Heavy in Your Arms" and I love her voice, so maybe I'm just waiting for the right song. Her lyrics are beautiful as well. This challenge got me started on doing artwork of the "Millennium Trilogy" films, which I cannot decide is a good or bad thing because I may just make a whole ton now. This one is based on the American version of the first part, "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", a story I totally love, along with the other parts. I greatly enjoy both the American and Swedish films, but I absolutely love this scene in the American film. For those who haven't seen this and wonder why I am using these lyrics, Lisbeth doesn't really have any feelings for Mikael, but she's been systematically abused both sexually and physically her entire life and gets to experience very brief moments of actual pleasure in her life, including this one. So I feel the lyrics are very fitting.

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Title: You Can't Choose
Cast: Lisbeth and Bjurman
Words: Florence + the Machine
Info: Yep, another "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" entry. I found these lyrics very fitting, so once again, here we are.
From those unfamiliar, this is based upon the relationship between Lisbeth and her awful abusive guardian, Bjurman, who takes advantage of his power over her by raping her. I found the lyrics, "You can't choose what fades away..." to apply really well here, as everyone has terrible memories and regardless of getting over them, some of them will never fade away. The memories of the abuse are faded a bit in this wall for that reason. They are not gone entirely, but they aren't as strong as Lisbeth's present condition because she is an incredibly strong character.

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