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8 New Wallpapers - Angel, Buffy, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Mulholland Drive, and Twin Peaks

8 New Wallpapers
- 1 Angel
- 3 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- 1 Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
- 2 Mulholland Drive
- 1 Twin Peaks

PLEASE DO NOT STEAL, REPOST, CLAIM AS YOUR OWN, OR SELL ANY OF THESE IMAGES. This includes posting them on personal blogs, Facebook, Fanpop, Tumblr, Twitter, and anywhere else you can imagine. They are for personal desktop use ONLY. Thank you.


I would like to note that the majority of these wallpapers have Florence + The Machine lyrics.  Yeah, I'm not a Florence nut, like at ALL, seriously.  They are for an art challenge using her lyrics.  And I cannot get away from that challenge for some reason.


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Title: I've Been Blind
Cast: Faith
Words: Florence + the Machine
Info: Faith is one of my favorite characters in the Buffyverse and I always wanted to do a wallpaper of this scene. Somehow, I was able to piece this one together today. I found the lyrics in this song to be very fitting for Faith and it took a while for me to decide on which ones to use. I originally planned on making this piece more complex, with images of her crimes faded into it, however, I found that the more simplistic look worked better. The neutral tones seemed to convey a feeling of peace that she had in being punished what she had done.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Title: It Doesn't Scare Me Away
Cast: Buffy and Angel
Words: Deftones
Info: This piece may look like a couple piece at first, but it was not meant to be that way. Originally, I heard these lyrics and they reminded me of Buffy, as she doesn't scare easy. So the first thing I had was the lyrics and basically built around them. I decided to make a manipulation of Buffy to make her look more feminine in the ballroom gown because it is the exact opposite of what one would think of when they think of a tough and strong woman.
In regards to Buffy's life, I found this texture from All Night Noise to be of great usage. A red bleeding broken flower - my mind can create SO many things with this. It represents both the love and sadness in her life. I added Angel to this slightly to show one part of her life that I feel the lyrics and imagery work well with.

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Title: Pocket Full of Stones
Cast: Buffy
Words: Florence + the Machine
Info: This song just screamed as theme of death to me, specifically suicide. However, when it comes to Buffy, I never considered the end of season five to be a suicide, rather a sacrifice. There's the Christian in me, as I have always been taught the difference, lol. But yeah, that's why I used this song for this scene. It really reminded me of it. The whole "pocket full of stones" thing seemed very suicidal to me and the whole water theme was very death themed as water is the bringer of both life and death.

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Title: Your Shirt
Cast: Willow and Tara
Words: Tara
Info: I think this is the point that I stopped enjoying the show as much as I did. Not because I wasn't used to Joss ripping our hearts out on a season basis (if not more), but I felt Willow changed SO much after this happened and I adore that character. I also really loved Tara because she reminded me a lot of myself when I was in school and how she later blossomed and was happy. I loved their relationship SO much.
Technically, I did this with as much negative space as possible to convey the feel of the scene. I also put a little black and white (barely viewable) image of Willow and Tara to convey a sense of shock of the whole thing. The words I used were all I could use because I think they fit everything in that scene so well.

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

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Title: Smoke You Out
Cast: Lisbeth and Zalachenko
Words: Florence + The Machine
Info: Okay, this song put about a million ideas in my head. I finally just went with this one. This is based, once more, on "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" but this time, IT'S THE SWEDISH ONE!!! I personally loved this scene and was really rather upset that they took it out of the American one, but what do you do? Anyway, this scene is based upon what happened with Lisbeth when she was young. She set her father on fire and nearly killed him. Reason being - he deserved it. Her father was an awful creature that was psychotically abusive to both her and her sister and mother. She just got sick of it one day and chased after him with a can of lighter fluid and a box of matches. If you know anyone who has ever been abused or have been yourself, you would cheer at this moment too.
As far as the technical issues, I decided to put the images in black and white because it is all memories. However the rage that Lisbeth feels is something I feel was shown well through the fire image, and since it is something she felt throughout most of the series, I kept that in bright sharp contrast with the memories.

Mulholland Drive

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Title: Cut Through
Cast: Diane, Camille, and The Hitmen
Words: Florence + The Machine
Info: This is based on the movie, "Mulholland Drive". It is based upon the murder of Camille by Diane, the woman who was used by Camille and developed an incredibly unhealthy obsession with her after she broke her heart. This is a mix of both the beginning scene and final scene of the film, in which Diane is sitting in her apartment, consumed with guilt. I used these particular lyrics because when I read the entire song, I felt it was a lot about fate. But these lyrics I felt could easily be applied to Diane's demolished mental state when she decided that killing Camille was this answer to her problem.
I made this quite simple in appearance. I tried some textures and such, but the simplicity really seemed to work very nicely with these images and the overall piece.

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Title: Just Giving In
Cast: Diane, Camille, and Adam
Words: Florence + the Machine
Info: This wall is from one of my favorite David Lynch films, "Mulholland Drive". The film is based upon a woman, Diane, who goes to Hollywood and falls in love with another woman, Camille, who becomes considerably more successful than her. Diane later realizes that she has been used by Camille and later becomes terribly obsessed with her. This scene takes place at a party where she is basically being ridiculed by everyone at the party, something started by Camille. It's an awful scene because you feel just horrible for Diane. The scene immediately following this is when she hires a hit man to kill off the woman she loves, so I found the lyrics to be very fitting. I used the green to symbolize anger, envy, and more.

Twin Peaks

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Title: Always There
Cast: Laura and BOB
Words: Florence + the Machine
Info: Another David Lynch piece, this time based on "Twin Peaks". For those who haven't seen the show, the whole thing is based around the murder of Laura Palmer. As the show progresses, it is found that there is an evil entity by the name of BOB that possesses various people, animals, and more to commit acts of evil. BOB is seen from time to time by a few different people through visions and possession. In the show, it is stated in Laura's diary that she was brutally abused by BOB since she was a little girl and in the film (in which you see the days leading up to her murder and how she was terrorized), she actually sees BOB.
I kept going around and around with this piece because I knew I only wanted the two images in it to emphasize the fear. I messed around with a bunch of stocks and textures before finally finding this one. In the film and show, the term, "Fire, walk with me," had to do with BOB and this has a very fire look to it. I used these lyrics because Laura was always tormented by BOB and he eventually was the cause of her death. By stating that, it's not really a spoiler for those who haven't seen it because the police work to find how BOB actually possessed.

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