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8 New Wallpapers: Dr. Who, Mulholland Drive, Supernatural, True Blood, and Wuthering Heights

8 New Wallpapers
- 1 Doctor Who
- 1 Mulholland Drive
- 1 Supernatural
- 1 True Blood
- 1 Veronika Decides to Die
- 3 Wuthering Heights

PLEASE DO NOT STEAL, REPOST, CLAIM AS YOUR OWN, OR SELL ANY OF THESE IMAGES. This includes posting them on personal blogs, Facebook, Fanpop, Tumblr, Twitter, and anywhere else you can imagine. They are for personal desktop use ONLY. Thank you.


Doctor Who

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Title: For A Moment
Cast: Rose and The Doctor
Words: Florence + The Machine
Info: When I read these lyrics, I was really struggling to find a good subject. Finally, I just decided to art someone who is oblivious to love. This wall is based on the second series of Doctor Who and the relationship between The Doctor and Rose. It is blatantly obvious to anyone watching the show that Rose has romantic feelings for The Doctor, but he seems incredibly oblivious to it, up to a given point. It's a pretty simple wall, overall. I arted parts of their relationship in this specific episode that I really liked, more of their happier moments.

Mulholland Drive

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Title: Remain The Same
Cast: Diane
Words: Florence + The Machine
Info: Another "Mulholland Drive" piece. This one is rather dark, despite the brighter colors. They do serve a purpose, however. The film confuses a great number of people, as the first half of the film is a dream, so nearly every person, including the main character, has a different name, life, and more. It is the dream of the main character and she is happy and successful in it, in sharp contrast to her real life, in which she is a part of the shady side of Hollywood and living a terribly sad life. It is amazing how different they make Naomi Watts look in the film when her character switches into real life.
The whole 'nameless' aspect of the lyrics was used due to her character being named Betty in her fantasy life and Diane in real life. Although she is not nameless, she is unhappy with who she is and reinvents herself with a different name and existence. The black and white image is the image of her as Betty, in her dream where she is happy. I did it in black and white, as it is false and a dream. The other two images are of her in real life (see the major difference) and used the reddish tones to symbolize her feelings in real life, which consist mainly of anger, guilt, and hatred. They are extremely passionate in that aspect. I also blurred the colors and covered parts of her face to symbolize the mixture of her two identities.


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Title: The Only Light
Cast: Sam and Ruby
Words: Florence + The Machine
Info: Season four of Supernatural was the last season of the show that I really enjoyed. I am hoping some day that I will get into the rest of the seasons because I really enjoy the artwork that comes from the show. When I read the lyrics for this song, I was trying to think of a relationship that was basically based upon nothing but a night together, not real love. Several came to mind, but then I decided upon Sam and Ruby. I personally really liked the whole Sam and Ruby dynamic because it was just so messed up and I really liked the character of Ruby.
I remember when this episode aired and all these people gave Sam's character crap about sleeping with Ruby, not in regards to her being a demon, but simply because he was sad. I find it strange that a lot of people don't like to admit that when they are mourning, they crave closeness from others, whether it be through sex or another way, no matter who it is. I thought this scene was a really good way to show how human he was.
The colors are darker, rather than a firey red passionate because I felt that it was more mournful than anything. He needed her simply to feel. That's another reason why I added in the black and white image, to show that there really was nothing behind the act other than that.

True Blood

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Title: Our Blood Is Boiling
Cast: Pam, Bill, Eric, Nan, and Jessica
Words: Florence + The Machine
Info: This is a very simplistic piece. I've been wanting to do some new "True Blood" art for a while and when I read these lyrics, they reminded me of the vampires in the show. It's very basic. I went with these colors for the colors of blood and veins. If I could, I would have used a LOT more lyrics because I felt the entire song would have worked with these characters, but I'm not good at arting a whole bunch of lyrics.

Veronika Decides to Die

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Title: Etched Out at Her Feet
Cast: Veronika
Words: Florence + The Machine
Info: Okay, the goal of this wall was to find a tragic female character. I found that the lyrics just screamed that, so I was looking around for one. I was going through films and came across "Veronika Decides to Die" in which Sarah Michelle Gellar's character, Veronika, attempts suicide at the beginning of the film, only to get some fatal news upon waking in the hospital. I really played around with the placement in this one because I wanted to show the step by step of taking the pills. I also needed to show her overall collapse afterwards, so I think this worked out nicely. The coloring was also an issue, as I was battling between black and white and color, only to come out with this really dark, depressing feel. I like it better than black and white.

Wuthering Heights

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Title: Keeping Secrets
Cast: Cathy and Heathcliff
Words: Florence + The Machine
Info: Based upon "Wuthering Heights", my favorite book of all time. For those who don't know the story, in short, it is about Cathy and Heathcliff, who love each other, but have a forbidden relationship. As they age, Cathy decides it is more important to grow in society, therefore, betraying her heart to climb the social ladder. Hence, the lyrics.

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Title: Such Selfish Prayers
Cast: Cathy and Heathcliff
Words: Florence + The Machine
Info: Another "Wuthering Heights" piece. These lyrics were just too sensual not to use in this fandom. It's pretty much a basic Cathy and Heathcliff couple piece. Since they have this whole forbidden love thing going on, I felt the lyrics really fit how Cathy felt about Heathcliff. Pretty easy explanation.

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Title: We Are Shining
Cast: Cathy and Heathcliff
Words: Florence + The Machine
Info: Based upon "Wuthering Heights", again. This wallpaper is about the end of the book when Heathcliff dies and meets up with Cathy in the afterlife, having spent the sad remainder of his life waiting to die so he could see her again. It's a very peaceful part of the book and I feel the doves in this texture show off that motif well. I really like these lyrics in regards to how they are both feeling then because in death, they are not held apart by social differences and more. There is simply love.

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