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8 New Wallpapers - Buffy & Dean, Doctor Who, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Twin Peaks

8 New Wallpapers
- 4 Crossovers
- 1 Doctor Who
- 1 Man Who Fell to Earth
- 2 Twin Peaks

PLEASE DO NOT STEAL, REPOST, CLAIM AS YOUR OWN, OR SELL ANY OF THESE IMAGES. This includes posting them on personal blogs, Facebook, Fanpop, Tumblr, Twitter, and anywhere else you can imagine. They are for personal desktop use ONLY. Thank you.



My Tears: This is a pretty simple piece of Dean and Buffy having to split up, due to his life on the road and their clashing lives overall. I used these words to work in Buffy's feelings,, as well as the darker tones.

Something Fatal: “Meet The New Boss” is the only episode of Supernatural past season four that I watched and the only reason I liked it was because Castiel was all evil. I don’t care for Castiel, but his evil version is fun as Hell. So when I came across the caps of him in this episode, due to my Buffy/Supernatural crossover mood, I thought of how fun and psychotic it would be if Castiel were to kill Buffy. It would be like how she felt when Angel killed her friends because of how much she cared for him when he was good.

Sushi Pajamas: This is just a fun piece. I love the whole sushi pajama line in the episode, so I just wanted to do a silly wall based around the line.

Walking Away: Here’s another angsty, more lonesome piece. It was late at night when I made this and it really fit the setting I was in at the time. I just wanted to show Buffy thinking of Dean leaving time and time again to go on the road. I didn’t necessarily mean to make it look as if they were broken up or anything, rather, just apart for large amounts at a time, which hurts both of them. I used the blue tones to enhance the mood.

Doctor Who

Have No Fear: This piece is based upon the scene in Doctor Who in which River in forced to murder The Doctor. The thing about it is that it is shown in two different timelines, so River sees herself kill him without knowing it is her. I used the brighter more crazy colors than I usually do because I wanted to emphasize the chaos and panic of the scene. Also, to emphasize that emotion, I hid the reactions within the attempted regeneration of The Doctor, so everything is very blurred, as it would be if a person saw a loved one die. I used the nursery rhyme of The Sandman, as I really liked these lines. The Doctor knew what was going to happen and made it so no one interfered with what would happen. He made it seem okay, as if they had nothing to fear.

The Man Who Fell to Earth

A Place I Know Well: I decided to do a piece on the film, "The Man Who Fell to Earth". The movie is based on Thomas Jerome Netwon (played by David Bowie) who is an alien from a dying planet. To help save his family and planet, he goes to Earth to obtain water. He is an extreme loner, despite his bizarre relationships and eccentric as all get out.
I used the imagery I did in this piece to portray both sides of him - his real alien look and his human disguise. Through this, I hoped to show his loneliness, as he doesn't belong on Earth and misses his family terribly.

Twin Peaks

Lust for Flesh: In this piece, I continued on my Twin Peaks kick and used the lyrics about the Phantom being a murderer in reference to BOB. I'll shorten this for those who haven't seen it - Twin Peaks is about the murder of Laura Palmer, who was killed by BOB. BOB is evil incarnate and possesses people, making it difficult to ascertain who exactly killed her. I used the image of BOB to show him in his true form, the image of Cooper to show the person who gives his life, and pretty much his soul, to finding her killer, and the image of Laura to tie it all together. I used the happy image of Laura versus that of her dead body because I found the image of a happy girl who was eventually killed much sadder. It shows that she would have had a life to live more than that of her dead image.
I used the black and white on the more evil imagery to really purify Laura's soul and the happiness of her fake life, rather than the horror of what was really going on.

Spare a Thought for Me:This is based upon the characters and coupling of Donna and James in the show. These two are a pair you are really rooting for in the show, as they were best friends with Laura, who was murdered, and are mourning her death throughout. However, when Laura's cousin is murdered in the same fashion, James can no longer handle living in the town and leaves Twin Peaks, as well as Donna. The scene is so sad.
I used the blue colors to show the sad mood and also added in a lot of caps of the town to show how the town is a large reason behind why they are so sad.

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