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I NEED YOUR VOTES!!! You get goodies in return.

Hi everyone,
Right now, I am working on promoting a contest for my husband to win a chance to shoot photos of Soundgarden. The contest is through Talenthouse and the person with the most votes wins. So I am looking for votes.

Here's the deal.
I am willing to take ONE request in exchange for your vote. Here are your of choices of request examples:

- Screencap request: Anything (with the exclusion of full TV series because those are HUGE and take forever). Your request will be placed in the gallery and I can also zip it for you, if you ask me.

- Wallpaper request: I do wallpapers of nearly anything, but if I am unfamiliar with fandoms or if it is a custom ship, I'll need some info from you.

- Fanfiction request: I will do a requested fanfiction between 700 and 1500 words. I'm better at the short ones. You don't want a long one from me. For fandoms, please email me.
- Miscellaneous request: If you have another idea, please email me to ask first.

This is what I need from you
Go to the following site:
Talenthouse Photo Contest

You should see the photo, "Death to All But Metal" by Kyle Hansen.

Vote with either your Facebook or Twitter. To ensure you have voted, I need you to email me either a screenshot of the screen that follows your vote which says, "Successfully Voted" in the voting area. Either that, or send me a screenshot of you sharing it on your social network. They have that option as well. Without the screenshot, I have no proof you have voted and cannot process your request.

Finally, if you are interested in his photography, go to RKH Images or RKH Images Facebook.

I really appreciate your support!!!
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