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Another new video - hooray!!!

I just feel such a feeling of accomplishment when I finish a video.  This is an AU Spuffy video that someone actually asked me to do.  I had a lot of fun with it because I love AUs and I know Buffy backwards and forwards, so it was easier on me.  I have wanted to do an SPN one, but I haven't watched the episodes six billion times like I have with Buffy, so I don't know them well enough.

Enjoy and leave comments!

Vidder: Lady Manson
Title: Between Love and Hate
Song: Diary of Jane
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Warnings: None
Category: AU
Genre: Het
Characters: Buffy and Spike
Pairing(s): Spuffy
Summary: A simple Spuffy love story
Length: 3.21
File Size: 12.1MB
Links: Link 1- ... ndhate.rar
Link 2 -
Type of feedback preferred: Anything and everything


Tags: videos: buffy

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