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07 June 2008 @ 01:45 am
Website Updates with all kinds of pretty pictures  
After a few days of major coding and rehasing of the site, not to mention playing in Photoshop, my site has been changed.

The layout is a new X-Files one, as that was the popular vote in the poll I had out for a while.  I recoded everything, so it's all a lot neater and different.  Plus, it's a lot easier on me!

- Flash Frame (my photo gallery) has been intergrated into the site!!!  It is now open to the public and contains over 13,000+ photos of the following subjects:
 - Actors
 - Actresses
 - Models
 - Musicians
 - Television Promos and Misc Image
  - Buffy
  - Angel
  - Supernatural
  - Friday Night Lights
  - X-Files
  - Heroes
I try my best to do requests of subjects if people ask because these are based on my personal favorites and stuff I find to be popular online. Most images on the site are in HQ and are being updated daily.  Enjoy and if you use anything, just credit me!

- Rachel at Twisted Illusions and CrystalSC at The New Deep are my new top affiliates because I actually hold conversations with these people on a regular online basis.  Plus, their sites rule.

- And finally, I have had over 30,000 unique hits!  Hell, yeah!

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xxrachiefishxx: blinded by squee!xxrachiefishxx on June 7th, 2008 07:32 pm (UTC)
Top affiliate! WOOOOOOT! :D Omgoshness that is awesome and means everything to me :)

Wow 30,000 unique hits! Congrats!! I have... like... 5 lmao.

Ohhhh gallery =D Yay!! Niceeee new layout, too :)