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Rude people...and lots of new Buffy stuff!!!

So last night was the Prince show, but I was still feeling crappy so I was in a bad mood. We get downtown and here is the deal. Prince was playing at Macy's for a fanclub show around 5. He was to play the Target Center at 8:30 with Morris Day and The Time opening for him. At 10:30, he was to play First Ave. Yeah...
We get to the Target Center at 8. There is a line down two blocks to get into the Target Center. They had not even opened the doors. There is a line on the other side of the street to get into First Ave that went all the way down the street. The Hard Rock is also on that side of the street and is jam packed. We go over there and got a pop and waited for the doors to open and for that line to diminish. The bad part of being over there - this stupid drunk chick jumped into the puddle to splash her friend and this nasty street water went all OVER me. That started things with a bang. As for the show. First off, The Time cancelled at 5! I don't even want to imagine what a dark day it was backstage. Then, there's the fact that the doors did not even open until 9! They should have opened at 5:30! We go in and he goes on stage at 10. All was well and good then, until the lovely people next to me showed up. The guy, weighed at least 450. He took up two of the seats, so his girlfriend, who wasn't to far behind in the weight dept., was halfway on my seat. Plus, they were both drunk as hell and she just stunk of beer and BO. I finally asked my fiancee if we could switch places, so we did. Well, then a slower blues type song was being played, so everyone except these drunk jerks sat down. They started dancing, which we didn't care about, but then they started dipping each other into his lap! Then, the girl spilled all of her beer all over him. So he asked very nicely to please watch your beer because he's sitting there. The guy hears this and says, "Well, I'm just going to have to kick your ass." Considering he was big enough to just knock us through the ground, we went to guest services. They gave us upgrades, which ended up being extreme downgrades and they couldn't do anything else about it because the show was sold out except for that. We paid over $100 for this show because it is to be his last show! Then, they couldn't refund us or credit us to another show because it's through Ticketmaster. So we get to deal with them on Monday. So needless to say, we were PISSED. We did get those two jerks ejected from the building though, hee, hee. We then went to the gentlemen's club down the way to get a drink (where we know the owner). We talked to him and told him our story and he told us to go in and everything would be on him. So we got this thing of Voss water (look it up, it's spendy as hell) and these tator tots cuz we weren't really hungry. They have the BEST tator tots ever! They are so good! So that was very nice of him. Kyle's still all upset and everything though. It's bizarre; out of all the heavy metal shows and shows that get a bad rep like that, we have never been to one where people were as rude as this show tonight. We have never seen people so sloppy drunk and stupid. It's just a totally different crowd. It's too bad too because the show was really good. Prince did a rendition of "Play that Funky Music White Boy" and pulled this guy out of the crowd to sing it while he played the guitar. It was funny. Ah, but I get to go see Manson in a few weeks...I love him...
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