Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Why do I simply adore my husband? He feeds my Supernatural and Twilight habits VERY well!

So I get two fantastic phone calls from my husband today.  The first one, he now has some kind of working relationship with the people at Creation and can get us into all the Supernatural conventions and all that stuff for free.  Um, how much do I just love him???  Then, I get the second one later today telling me that he is getting the promo of the Twilight score.  The score, not the soundtrack.  I already got the promo of the actual soundtrack, but I personally collect scores from films and really wanted this one.  It's supposed to get over here from the label tomorrow, but I never get too excited about timing because otherwise nothing happens.  Oh, he rocks!  But if I get the score early and anyone wants it, send me a message.
Tags: tv: supernatural, twilight: misc

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