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MY NEW WEBSITE IS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, if you want to get all technical, the old one has been expanded.  If you go over to, you will see that you can enter a few different places.  The newest of which is, Shadow of Reflection.

I have had Lady Manson Video Database posted since 2004, mainly because I wanted to do a site with fan videos.  Since then, I have branched out to lots of artwork - walls, icons, banners, etc., fiction, and more.  I thought it was time for a site that included more overall.  So I created Shadow of Reflection, a name taken from the song Haunted by Type of Negative.  I liked it because the I always think of how things on my site end up so differently from how I pictured them in my mind.  I find my initial thought to be a reflection of my creativity, and the altered reflection is more of a shadow.  Whatever, I like it.  

FIRST OF ALL!!!!  The winners for Round 30 have FINALLY been posted!  You incredibly patient people can find your awards under the new site.  I'm sorry they took so long but with the holidays, the new site, and all of real life going on, you don't want to even hear it.  Round 31 is open though...

My gallery is also expanding.  My wonderful host helped me out with how to maximize the exectution  time so the stupid thing doesn't keep shutting down on me, so I have been capping some of my favorite shows that I don't see capped as much as others.  Right now, I have HD caps of Friday Night Lights season one in the works, as well as True Blood.  I am planning on doing HD caps from my X-Files DVDs too because I REALLY want to start doing some nice XF art and it's hard to find decent quality caps from that show these days.

I am now also accepting affiliates again.  Check the affiliates page and if you got knocked off there, I do apologize.  I think some people did when I was in the process of changing everything.  Also, I redid all the video pages, so all the links are up to date.  All my Buffy vids that got yanked from YouTube are now linked to streaming sites elsewhere for your viewing pleasure, as well as others that YouTube didn't care for. The fanart section has undergone a facelift, as everything is separated by season, characters, couples, etc.  The Buffy seasons are being a bit of a bitch to me right now, but give that some time.  It may just be me too because they seem to work on my husband's computer.  The icons load MUCH faster, for those of you used to my old icon page.

Anyhow, if you could update your links, that would be lovely!

I'm watching some documentary on Jeffery Dahmer right now.  Lovely before bedtime viewing.  My uncle actually guarded him in the prison in WI and then my sister in law guarded the guy that ended up killing him, which was a total inside job.  I get so weireded out knowing that crap when I watch stuff on him.  That and we ended up staying about a block from where he used to live when we saw Bowie in Milawaukee a few years back.  Yeah, nice area, let me tell you...

Happy late Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans and I still love you British even though we just celebrated breaking away from you!  What would my ancestors say, lol???
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