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Hi everyone,
For those of you that visit my website regularly, you have noticed that I have started screencapping TV shows. You probably have also noticed that my gallery is on the fritz. I went to delete the 'normal' size photos, but wanted to bring them back and realized there is no way to do that, so I am redoing the whole gallery. But I wanted to post links to my X-Files caps for now because I have been working like crazy on these and I know a lot of people who have wanted big caps of that show for a while. I have the pilot capped as well, but it was deleted somehow, so I am going to try to fix that ASAP and will list it as soon as I get it posted.

The following are links to specific episodes. I am currently capping the first season and am doing the whole series in order from the DVDs. Check back either here or on my site for updates, including the pilot.

Please credit if you use them, I would love for more people to get to use them. Please do not take and post these elsewhere. Also, if you have a community I can post this at, I would love to. Let me know. Thanks!

1x02 - Deep Throat
1x03 - Squeeze
1x04 - Conduit
1x05 - Jersey Devil
1x06 - Shadows
1x07 - Ghost in the Machine
1x08 - Ice
1x09 - Space
1x10 - Fallen Angel
1x11 - Eve
1x12 - Fire
1x13 - Beyond the Sea
1x14 - Gender Bender
1x15 - Lazurus
Tags: screencaps: x-files

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