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Wow, two entries in one day - I guess cuz it's Friday.

I'm going back to school!

Yes, FINALLY.  I've said it in the past and there has always been something (mostly money) that has stopped me.  Well, now I got the loans, a grant, and everything in place.  I start on January 5, 2009 and am working on getting my BA in Business Administration with a focus in Finance and Accounting.  I know, fun huh?  I get to take classes like Statistical Analysis and Financial Management.  But it is an accelerated online program from a college based out of Los Angeles and I take one class that lasts one month.  I finish a four year degree in ten to twelve months because I already have my AS, so the general credits are already done.  Thank God, because it really cuts into that $30,600 I have to pay.  But I am very happy because not only will I get to do better at work with this degree, but I'll feel better about myself because I have always wanted to get a higher degree.  Hopefully this will lead to grad school; we will see. 

In other news, it's COLD!!!!  It was 25 below zero this morning in a city just north of us and is currently 3 degrees here.  Take that with strong winds.  It literally hurts, it's so cold.  I hate that.  I go tearing across the parking lot at work, get in the lobby, and literally feel like I am thawing out.

eBay is not allowing me to sell my Louis Vuitton bag.  Apparently they have had issues with too many people selling fake ones, so those of us who want to sell our real ones get punished as well.  It sucks.  I could get anywhere from $400-$1000 for that thing.  I bought it for $1400 and have only used it once.  Stupid impulse buy.  I really need money right now too.  That's just aggravating.

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