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3 New Moon Wallpapers - Bella and Edward

I'm rereading and am seriously obsessed with New Moon right now. That means New Moon artwork, so here you go.   You probably won't see much stuff from me this week because it's my busy work week and then my 26th birthday is Thursday.  I'm going to a midnight showing of 'The Uninvited'...

Enjoy, my pretties...

3 New Moon Wallpapers

Do not edit any of these graphics.
Do not post any of these graphics on FanPop or anywhere else without asking first!!!  I'm nice, I just like to know where my stuff is, so ASK.
Please comment and credit; comments make me happy!
More graphics and credits are available at


Title: Without Him
Cast: Bella & Edward
Words: Bella
Info: Bella's thoughts are so lonely in this scene that I really wanted to do some art of it. I also wanted to use the EW photos in something and this kind of blended itself together tonight. The coloring was originally black and white, but then I added these blue and green gradients, giving it more of that forest feel.

Title: S55 AMG
Cast: Bella, Carlisle, & Edward
Words: Bella
Info: I just found this quote on a whim and then decided it would be really fun to use the Mercedes in a wall. I want this car! It took forever for me to find the right image of Kirsten for this, but then used this one from one of the promos. I put both Edward and Carlisle in the wallpaper because she was thinking Carlisle was there, but so desperately wanted it to be Edward. That's why I made Edward's face more prominent because he was, as always, at the front of her thoughts. I used a LOT of text in here, which I don't normally do, but I really wanted to use the full description here.

Title: Resurface
Cast: Bella & Edward
Words: Bella
Info: This piece has been in the making since I first read New Moon and I FINALLY was able to pull it off. I don't know why this time versus all the other times, but I really liked how it turned out. I put the two images of Bella crying to create that spiraling down effect that it seems she is feeling in the scene.
Tags: wallpaper: new moon, wallpaper: twilight

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