Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

My kitty and Midnight Sun


Okay, so last night I was all psyched because we go to do movie trivia at the bar and almost always win.  If we win, we get $100, so we get to have free dinner basically, and they have this AWESOME chicken salad and potato soup there.  Plus, after we go out, we come back to our recorded Supernatural, which means we can skip the ads.  Always a good thing.  Add on the fact that I ate nothing during the day so I could eat at night and not waste food, so I was hungry.

That is so not what happened.  Instead, Drusilla, my little grey cat, ate a ribbon.  Those of you who know anythinig about cats, know what happens then.  She couldn't pass it, but we couldn't pull it out because it can attach itself around her intestines and can pull them out if we pull on it.  So, we got to go to the animal hospital where it is a $100 charge just to get in the door.  Luckily, they just took an X-ray and were able to take it out manually and we didn't need any surgery, but it still cost $350.  On top of all this, I got to see two dead dogs.  One was brought in on a gurney and they had a big blanket over him, but it slid off, and then I glanced in the back room to see Dru and a big German Sheperd was back there, very obviously dead.

Just to make my day a bit better, my teacher gave me a 'B' on my Midnight Sun presentation because he says the book was published, so my presentation holds no merit.  So now I am fighting him on that cuz its crap.  I'm not letting him drag down my entire grade because of that.

But, Hell, it's Friday.  I hope the weekend goes better.  We have a big brunch for my mother in law's birthday on Sunday, so that will rock.


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