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A second look at the series that is Supernatural...


We were bored last night with the shows on TV and were just hanging around trying to figure out what to watch.  Then my husband has the idea to start Supernatural all over again because of the hiatus, so we started from the beginning.  Is it completely crazy that we know the outcome of all the episodes, but we still sit up until ungodly hours of the night watching seven straight hours of it until we cannot keep our eyes open, only to wake up completely exhausted about four hours later to haul ourselves to work?

I figured out a lot, as far as why I don’t like the series as much as I used to.  We were watching it and my husband just goes, “Wow, remember when this show used to be really good?”  I came to the conclusion that the following reasons are why I don’t like the show as much as I originally did.  At first, I thought it was due to watching it week to week because we didn’t start that until the third season.  Season one and two were watched on DVD.  Then I blamed the hiatus.  By watching the first season, here is what I came to find out:


-  The show used to be somewhat fun.  There was always that overall darkness to it, but there was an element of fun in it.  Right now, it seems to be getting more and more dark every week and as much as I like that because it’s a dark show, I need a little light.  I blame a lot of this on the change in Dean’s character.  Even in season two, he was still somewhat a shadow of his first season fun self, but after John died, he kind of fell apart.  That, I could handle.  But when Sam died and the whole deal went down, his character became far too sad for me to handle.  I couldn’t associate him with the same character in the first season, which mind you, was when I was a major Dean girl.  And it’s not like I don’t understand why he’s as sad as he is now, but something needs to happen.

-  The show used to be focused on the family.  I really loved that aspect because it showed the passion behind what they were doing more.  Even in season two, I didn’t have a problem with them introducing Ellen and Jo because they were connected to John somehow.  It all seemed to flow together for me.  Honestly, I really liked Bela and Ruby, but I think they overkilled them.  I think if they would have left Ruby where she was at the end of season three, it would have been great because it would have been a fabulous exit and it would have been enough of her character to have made her an interesting piece, but not too much of distraction in the overall show. 

- The whole angels vs. demons thing is beginning to get on my nerves.  They never should have brought the angels into the show, as far as I can see right now.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m Catholic and believe in a lot of stuff others don’t, but I knew the second I saw Castiel’s wings that it was going to be an issue.  It throws in that whole good vs. evil thing in which has everyone wondering which side which one of the characters are going to be on.  I don’t like that they pit the boys against one another at all like that.  When you have characters that are that close (ex: Mulder and Scully; Buffy, Willow, and Xander; Harry, Ron, and Hermione), I always find it hard to see them used in that fashion.  I think it forces the fandom to take sides.  So now, to a lot of people, it’s Dean and the angels vs. Sam and the demons.  You all know I love evil Sam, but I don’t want him to actually be evil!  I don’t want this to turn into Cain and Abel.  How about we just take the angels and repetitive demons (I love you Ruby and Castiel, but I would rather you hang in the background) out of the main area of the show and focus on killing Lilith and figuring out what the YED’s master plan is?  We got a taste of that at the end of ‘The Kids are Alright’ and ‘In the Beginning’.  Can we get some more?  That would pull the whole family aspect back, for me at least. 

- When I first started watching the show, I wasn’t on any online groups or forums associated with it.  Well, we all know that has changed.  Like a lot of us have experienced or at least seen, the fandom wank is something that can make the show a sour experience for us.  I’m so happy that I wasn’t online when I season two was airing and everyone ripped Jo’s character apart because I really enjoyed that character.  There is only one place online that I know I can go and will not have to deal with that (SVS, cough), which I find terribly sad.  When I got into the show, I started going online reading fanfics, seeing artwork, and watching videos, which are all awesome forms of creativity and I love that aspect of the fandom.  After a while though, I was just bombarded with extreme negativity, mostly bashing any females on the set and a LOT of crap towards Jensen.  I know that there is always going to be negativity, but a good portion of this fandom makes all of us look insane to the people outside of it.  The entertainment industry opens people to all kinds of judgment, but I find being downright cruel about things and taking personal shots at people to be really unnecessary.  It’s one thing to critique acting or something related to show, but there are so many things that are just people trying to figure out how to personally attack the actors themselves.  The thing I find kind of interesting about all of that is that the people that do the show have always been good to the fans in real life.  They must have the real thick skin.  I don’t know how nice a person I would be if I was reading some of the stuff that people post about oh, let’s see, Jensen, Genevieve, Lauren, Katie, etc…

- I miss the music!  Next to the boys and the Impala, I always felt the music was a strong part of the show.  Last night, I watched the pilot and it had three classic rock songs in it that I can remember (there may have been more) and they were placed in a manner that made them practically a presence in the show.  They weren’t just there for background, they were fit so well for the scenes and made for a strong addition.  I’m aware of the fact that they have been in the show over seasons three and four, but I just feel they haven’t been as strong.

- There used to be a scarier feel to this show.  For those of you that have watched Buffy and X-Files, I feel there is an easy way to explain this.  I never found Buffy to be ‘scary’, but I found the X-Files to be.  If you have seen both shows, I think you would already understand.  For those that have not, Buffy always was less scary to me because the vampires and monsters to me basically got their asses kicked by the strong slayer, who, pretty much, couldn’t get hurt.  Buffy was a lot more fun and I’m not saying that in a bad way.  It worked with Buffy and is something that made me love that show.  With X-Files, there seemed to be more victimization and overall eeriness.  When that show originally aired when I was younger, if I heard the theme song, I would get scared.  Also, Mulder and Scully were more real and relatable as law enforcement agents, whereas, Buffy had super strength and was hard to relate  to a lot of people because of the lifestyle she was forced to lead as the Slayer.  Back to the point, I watched ‘Bloody Mary’ last night and literally was hiding behind the covers.  The show made me jump and had a chance to give me nightmares.  The show is still kind of scary, but it has certainly lost its eeriness.  I’m not one of those that is squeamish, but I don’t find gore to be scary.  At times, it’s appropriate in this genre, just due to the nature, but the creepiness of the show has been lost a bit.  The episode ‘Family Remains’ had an eerie feel to me in the beginning when I thought the children were ghosts, but was lost once they were found to be human.  Then it just went in a completely different direction.

Okay, I’m done.  Of course, after I am done with this, I’ll see something I would have rather worded a different way or mentioned something else, but bear in mind that this is done while in a passionate mood about it, so things will always look like they could have been written better. 

I love the show, that’s obvious, but I hope some things change a bit.  I’ve basically cut the wank out of my routine because although it is incredibly easy to look at that, because of my evil curiosity, I would rather focus on the fun stuff and talk with fans that would like to talk about the show and not rip on it.  One main thing I hope is that I don’t want the show to write the boys into Cain and Abel mode and I am really curious to see how Kripke pulls off that ending he has talked about where they end on a good note.  I don’t see how that is going to happen right now, but hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised.

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