Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

London calling!!!


I am going to London in October for my anniversary.  I just got the time off and our flight is free because my husband has a ton of frequent flier miles that need to get used before the end of the year or else he loses them.  I'm posting this in a couple of places because I talk to lots of people online that live in Europe, live in England, or have been to London. 

We have never been to London and we want to do the following.  We're big on haunted tours and I'm sure there are some there.  We don't even know where to stay!  But we aren't looking for anything fancy cuz we won't be spending a whole ton of time in there anyway.  Also, we want to go to places where we can take pics of the architecture and all the pretty things like that, plus, I want to go shopping over there.  A friend of mine says she could spend a week there just shopping.

If anyone could give me some pointers, that would be great.  Also, what is the weather typically like over there in October?  It's usually snowing in MN by then, so that's where I am coming from...

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