Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Twilight promo DVD screencaps!!!!

Those of you that know me well know that my husband works in the entertainment industry (specifically the music side) and knows an obscene amount of people.  So, he does his best to get me stuff that I will absolutely love and has been working on getting me an early copy of the Twilight DVD.  I got an email from one of the his reps this morning saying that they will be sending me a copy of the 2-disc edition ASAP.  So, I always like to help people out.  If I get this thing a good amount of time before the street date, I'll cap and post all the screencaps for people to use.  So look forward to those!

On the same note, I use Fraps to screencap, but it has been all glitchy with me lately and I am starting to hate it.  I used to have PowerDVD, which I loved, but it died and I cannot get it to work on my computer anymore, so I looked into KMPlayer.  However, I cannot figure out how to capture anything on that program.  It's the newest one, which some people say you cannot capture on because you need the beta version, but I cannot find a beta version or an older version.  Can anyone help?
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