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This covers EVERYTHING!!!!

Well, things are getting a bit more on track…

My stitches are out.  The doctor who put them in did an excellent job, so I barely have a scar.  It’s awesome.  Personally, I love scars.  I think they build character, but it’s always nice not to have to remember a bad event when you look in the mirror.  Part of my hand and my right wrist are shattered.  Basically, I cannot make a fist, grip anything, or put pressure on it by lifting anything.  On the worst days, it throbs really bad.  My doctor took me off the Vicodin, which I am grateful for because I loathe Vicodin.  It’s ironic because my sister used to be addicted to it.  Unfortunately, now I have to take 8 Advil a day to keep the pain from keeping me awake.  I took all that time off and was unable to do any art, writing, or anything because it’s real hard to type.  Hence, the lack of updates here or at my site.

My wonderful mom came to MN to take care of me and drive me to work over the weekend because my husband was in Vegas on business.  I miss her a lot.  I got all childlike and sad last night because I miss my mommy.  Argh, that’s irritating me.

Last night, my husband came home.  We saw the movie ‘Taken’ for the second time, which ROCKS.  I love seeing people who treat people so horrifically get their asses handed to them, even if it is fiction.  SO GOOD.  If anyone has seen it, that scene where they sell the girls scares the hell out of me.

We also watched an awesome episode of X-Files last night that I had never seen.  ‘Irresistible’ is my favorite episode of that show.  It’s the one where the guy from Minneapolis that was basically formed around Jeffery Dahmer kills all those women and almost makes Scully his last victim.  Well, he got life in prison because Scully asked for leniency.  In the episode last night, he escaped prison and went after her again.  She ended up killing him and questioning whether God or Satan were working through her because she didn’t follow the law in killing him.  I personally love the religion based episodes and it’s not because of my own faith.  It’s because I find it interesting that Scully is SO skeptical and still has such faith.   It’s so odd.  But I feel the makers of the show don’t overdo it because they work the religion aspect in such an interesting way, a way that I wish Supernatural would have used it.

I am working on a new story.  As much as it is overdone these days, I have always loved vampires and just said, fuck it, I’m going to write about them.  Due to the over popularity of them lately, I didn’t want to, I wanted to write about something else, but realized that’s not really a reason.  I know that I’m not copying other people; I’m writing my own deal, although it kind of is a little ‘True Blood’ like in it’s nature.  It revolves around vampires being in society, but I’m going to really focus on severe prejudice of them and the forbidden friendships between them and humans.  Oh!  Speaking of which, I got a promo DVD copy of ‘Twilight’.  My husband’s reps had to pull like, a billion strings to get it to me, so I CANNOT share it, as much as I would love to.  It’s awesome, but I’ll still be buying the Blu Ray.

Lastly, I GOT AN A IN ALGEBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m on the dean’s list!  Very happy because I really worked hard for it.  On March 23, I am starting Trig and Presentation Essentials.  I also one a $100 gift card at this diamond store.  If I hadn’t just had a near death experience, I would feel seriously lucky.

Need to stop typing.  I love how I have become left handed in the past few weeks because of my bad hand.

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