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Supernatural Review: On the Head of a Pin


Oh, my beloved show…

I both loved and hated the episode last night. 

I loved it because I thought the storyline was top notch interesting and presented.  The demons rocked, Allistar was creepy and I loved Ruby’s black eyes and presence.  Anna seemed much more of a character in this episode than the others she was in because I felt she wasn’t as vulnerable as before.  For the first time, I really liked Castiel.  I never disliked him, but I was always indifferent.  Bringing up John’s character made me happy because I personally always wondered about him  Also, I thought the acting was really well done in this episode.  One big thing I absolutely loved about it was when they were talking about how something may be going wrong in Heaven and then angels were turning – it made me feel like their Heaven and angels and all the religious stuff was much more of the Kripke universe, which I liked because I feel it separated it from the Heaven those of us who believe in it in our daily lives are so accustomed to.  And finally, that kickass shot of Uriel and his wings!  I thought that was just so well done.

My dislikes?  The part I hated the most was Sam actually drinking demon blood.  I had no real problems with him using powers, but actually becoming more demon than human by drinking in the demon blood?  I hate that.  I love Sam, but now I feel he is becoming what the boys have always hunted and that is not going to end well.  It made me remember in “In My Time of Dying” when John said Dean needed to save Sam – I wonder what he would think about what his younger son is becoming.  That whole thing is really sad.  Although it had it’s positive (saving Dean from being killed and killing Allistar), it’s just going to end badly.  Hearing Sam say, “Now I can kill,” was really chilling.  Did anyone else see Uriel as the killer coming from far away?  I don’t know why, but I saw that coming from nearly the beginning of the episode.  It was just too obvious to me.  Also, I hated that Ruby called Sam 'Sammy.'  That’s Dean’s thing.  Ever since ‘Bloodlust’ when Gordon called him that and he said that only Dean can call him that, I just loved that little thing about them.


So I can’t really judge this as being a good or bad episode.  I guess if I had to, I would say good because overall, I found it too be very well done.  I just didn’t like some of the content.  In other notes, did Allistar remind anyone else of Hannibal Lecter?  I’m a huge Hannibal Lecter fan and the scene where Allistar was first tormenting Dean reminded me of the scene in “Silence of the Lambs” near the beginning where he tells Clarice that she is “more than one generation of plain white trash”.  I mean, everything about it.  The creepy voice (although not the same accent), the demeanor, even the way his eyes looked at Dean were a dead on comparison.

Oh, I want to type more, but my hand and wrist are still sprained and to type is incredibly painful, so, no more.  I would enjoy some feedback though because I can type smaller things.  Ugh, hate this!  I can’t write or do art or anything.  But hey, it’s Friday…


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