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Dean and Sam...

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Another Dean and Sam Pink Floyd piece.  This is actually from two separate promo pics.  The Dean one is just the one of him sitting in the picture and the other is the one of the two of them standing. 

Full size

Title: Left Undone
Cast: Dean & Sam
Words: Pink Floyd
Info: I am really getting into doing the Dean and Sam pieces because I don't want to see them go up against one another in the show.  I used this particular song because it's actually about being killed in a car accident and seeing the 'holocaust to come'.  For those who are unaware of the actual definition of the word 'holocaust' before it was embedded into the time period in history, it means 'a great destruction resulting in the extensive loss of life, especially by fire.'.  Dean and Sam are foreseeing the end of the world, so I think that definition wraps it up.  
Tags: wallpaper: supernatural

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