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4 New Walls - Ruby, Madison, Six Feet Under, & Emily & Gaspard...

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4 Wallpapers
- 2 Supernatural
- 1 Six Feet Under
- 1 Twilight Dream Team

Title: A New Shirt
Cast: Ruby
Words: Ruby & Bobby
Info: This whole wall stemed from me seeing Katie Cassidy in another show on Friday and missing her like crazy. So I'm on a Katie Cassidy run with these. This is one of my favorite scenes that she did because I love how she was just taunting Bobby to shoot her. I do remember this being the first time I saw her with the straightened hair though and I wish they would have had it be curly again just once. It was so beautiful that way.

Title: The Killing Time
Cast: Madison
Words: Echo & the Bunnymen
Info: This is an entry for the Duality challenge at Buffyforums where we have to present duality. I was trying to think of one character that I would like to show two sides of and remembered Madison. I have actually never done any Heart walls, despite my absolute love for that episode. Maybe that is why; I don't want to screw it up. This wallpaper was originally supposed to be more intense, but I tried making it really simple and liked it a lot better. I think it shows off the darkness of the subject all the more and adding of the blood shows off Madison's dark half as well. I have been listening to The Killing Moon over and over agin this week for some reason and I thought the lyrics really fit the relationship between Madison and Sam very well.

Title: Heaven
Cast: Edward and Bella - Dream Team Version
Words: Audioslave
Info: This is for the More than Words challenge at the Buffyforums where we take a song off of the playlists for the Twilight Saga and make art. On Saturday, I got to see Chris Cornell and he did this song, so I just had to use that song for this challenge. There were a lot of Twilight pieces already and since I love the dream team as much as the chosen ones for the film, I figured I'd throw in a dream team piece. The song is more of a sad song, very New Moon fitting, but I was able to pull out some lyrics that I feel are more loving.

Title: Survival Rate
Cast: Claire
Words: Chuck Palahniuk
Info: Hooray, more Six Feet Under art! Seriously, I want to make more, but I never get the chance due to the lack of screencaps around. I guess I'll just have to start capping myself. This is just basically a Claire character piece. Claire is my second favorite character in that show, just behind David, and I needed to do some art of her. I used the Dead End sign to represent the death that surrounds her in the show on a constant basis and the colored pencils to portray her artistic nature. The entire theme of that show is that death is unavoidable, but not in a morid fashion, if you can understand that. I found Chuck Palahniuk's quote to be very fitting.

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