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Title: Incomplete
Cast: Mary, John, Dean, Sam, the Yellow Eyed Demon
Words: Pantera
Info: The was made for a challenge on the Buffyforums where the point is to remake an old wallpaper to see how you can improve. For those of you who have followed my art for a while, you'll remember that about two years back, I did a ton of character walls, some much better than others. I made a Mary one called "Spare Myself Some Pain" and hoped to incorporate the sadness of her death into the wall with the lyrics alone. didn't work. AT ALL. So I decided I would work with the same concept and made this one. I feel the tragedy and sadness really work in this one with the imagery and the lighting. I also added more lyrics to this one because I feel the line, "You left me incomplete." really fit how the rest of the family felt after her death. The lines, "And when she died, I should have cried, and spared myself some pain," are ones that I feel fit a majority of people when loved ones die who try to remain strong. I always felt that way about John in the show and it's apparent throughout the show how much the death of his mother affects Dean, despite the strong front he tries to put up. For all Pantera fans, I think we all think of the same sad event when hearing this song, which would be Dimebag's murder. I just remember listening to this song that day and bawling. So it works out very well for any tragic event, in my opinion. I'm tempted to make another wall based on the same concept, and perhaps lyrics from the same song, of Sam's loss of Jess.

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Title: Starbuck
Cast: Scully, Boggs
Words: Scully, Boggs
Info: Yet another wall for the challenges at the Buffyforums; a challenge based around lies. This wall is based on the episode, "Beyond the Sea" in which Scully's father dies and she and Mulder are investigating cases surrounding death row inmate, Boggs. Boggs is claiming to be psychic and is able to lead them to many live victims, solving crimes. However, it is never truly determined whether Boggs is actually psychic or faking it by reading up on the crimes in an attempt to maintain a stay of execution. In the particular scene I used here, Scully is asking for Boggs to let her speak to her dead father. He then teases her, calling her Starbuck, the nickname her father had for her. I like the imagery in this wall because it shows how agonized Scully is by hearing the words of her father, but at the same time, she doesn't know what to really believe, which is ripping her apart. I used the darker tones to emphasize the feeling of sadness and anger.

ON AN ADDITIONAL NOTE, IN CASE ANYONE IS INTERESTED...I HAVE SCREENCAPPED THE ENTIRE FIRST SEASON OF X-FILES. THEY ARE ALL IN HD AND CAN BE FOUND HERE. I know some people have wanted to do X-Files art and after having the hardest time finding good quality caps, I just decided to cap them myself. I only have the first season now, but am working on the rest.
Tags: wallpaper: supernatural, wallpaper: x-files

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