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Yet another Supernatural 4.22 review...


I love how we are all super happy about the boys being together again, despite the fact that Satan is emerging from Hell. It's so awesome.

Okay, since I haven't done a good long review on an episode in a while, I might as well now. In order of the show.

I loved the beginning. The YED was back! He's my favorite enemy; I missed him. Seeing how the whole thing started and how he was connected to Lilith and Satan was very interesting and I thought it tied together some demonic loose ends. The whole scene with the nuns was rather terrifying. Just the thought of it.

Bobby's speech was one of my favorite parts of the episode. I think it's about time someone tells Dean what a good person he is, despite having the trash John in the process, because it seems he has felt like he is in his father's shadow his whole life. People need that in life. I found that when he confirmed why he had called John a coward to be quite true. John had instructed Dean to kill Sam if he couldn't save him and I have the feeling that if John was still alive, he would have killed Sam off earlier on. Dean has the strength to keep trying to save Sam, rather than give into the easy solution of killing him. Oh, and I Iove the whole 'déjà vu all over again' quote. Some athlete last week made that comment to a reporter and I was watching it going, um, that's a bit redundant. The media has been playing it over and over again since then, laughing about it. I found it funny that the writers tossed that in.

Zac and Cas. Castiel seemed totally neutered in this episode, for lack of a better word. I mean, he was just there, not functioning at all. I was so happy when he finally helped Dean. Did anyone else notice that all the paintings changed when Zac started talking about Satan and Dean's destiny to defeat him? I really didn't care for Zac's 'God has left the building' comment. That's a load of crap. So...what? The angels are all revolting? If so, who's leading them? I can't imagine God would let Satan rise voluntarily.

I found the fact that Sam basically terrorized that girl before drinking her blood and killing her to be really disturbing. Even if she had a demon in her, she was herself at the time and was in that respect, human. I felt so bad for that girl. The scene where Sam stuffed her in the trunk was really hard for me to watch because I love Sam, but I really hated what he was doing. That's something that I think his character will have a very difficult time with later on because he will know that he didn't sacrifice her to save the world; he killed a girl, whether Ruby manipulated him into it or not. On another note, Ruby's car ROCKS.

As much as I wanted to believe that it was Ruby that warped Dean's message, I believe it was the angels. Although, didn't Ruby kind of looked at Sam when he was listening to the message? That confused me. Maybe we'll get an answer to that next season.

The convent scene was awesome. I really liked when everything went all silent and slow and all Sam could hear was Dean and Ruby yelling. I really wish that we could have seen Genevieve play the manipulative side of Ruby more in this season because I really enjoy her playing that. I liked her, but I didn't care for Ruby's little sorrowful side. I've seen a lot of people wonder why Sam couldn't use his powers on her, but I took it as him basically being drained after killing Lilith. It didn't appear to be exactly easy on him. I imagine he would have to power up a bit before using them again. Dean stabbing Ruby was so great. I found it fitting that he stabbed her, as he had been saying she was bad since season three and wanted to kill her so badly. Sam holding her for him was great as well. Part of me wonders how the whole Satan thing is going to play out with Sam because as Ruby stated, he's going to be grateful to Sam for helping him rise.

The fact that Sam and Dean basically made up and were together at the end makes it easier for me to deal with the hiatus. Having them be apart would have been worse for me, and probably everyone else. Overall, I wasn't exactly thrilled with the episode. I found the ending to be fantastic, however. Maybe it's because it was easy to predict. I mean, how many of us have said from how long ago that Lilith's death was the last seal? Plus, I expected some major deaths. I really didn't consider Ruby to be a 'beloved character' as was stated in certain spoilers. Sure, there are people that like her, but I consider beloved ones to be characters like Bobby.

I am very much looking forward to season five. Hopefully they will show part of it at Comic Con this year, like last year, which I already am set up to go to. One thing I am curious to see is if they pick the next season up where this one left off, or if they go forward the few months. I really hope they pick up where they left off. I always am a fan of that in shows, but I want to see what happens in that convent.

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