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Lots of new wallpapers - Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, Crossovers, Twilight

I made a LOT of artwork this weekend. I was originally going to post all my new icons and new walls in one post, but that's just too much information. So here is the wallpaper post. The icon post will be up in the next few days. Oh, if you want any icons of some of these walls, let me know. I'm thinking of making some of 'The Snake' wall.

- 6 Wallpapers

Do not edit any of these graphics.
Do not post any of these graphics on FanPop or anywhere else without asking first! I'm nice and just like to know where my stuff is, so just ask.
Please comment and credit; comments make me happy!
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Full Size - Version Two
Title: The Snake
Cast: Ruby
Words: None
Info: I have been wanting to associate this theme with Ruby for a long time. I like the snake, as its a great metaphor for her character's real intentions. It took me forever to figure out what I wanted to use in the background and finally decided on a Garden of Eden look. The second version has her name in it, versus no words. I'm not sure why I made two versions. Maybe because I was being rather indecisive.

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Title: Soulmates Never Die
Cast: Sam and Jess
Words: Placebo
Info: This is another self endulgent piece of mine, as I love this scene and my favorite ship in the show is Sam and Jess.

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Title: Flying High
Cast: Bella and Edward
Words: The 69 Eyes
Info: Again, self indulgent. I wanted to do a manip, so this is the result. I like doing images of what I believe Bella and Edward are like after Breaking Dawn, leaving the life so many would love to have. Hence, the lyrics.

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Title: The Hunter
Cast: Dean and Faith
Words: Bjork
Info: Dean and Faith!!! I haven't done a nice wall of them in a while. This is my favorite wall of them that I have done - the others are really crappy. I found that the lyrics fit them both very nicely.

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Title: Freedom
Cast: Landry and Tyra
Words: Title
Info : This wallpaper was made for the 'New Levels' challenge at Buffyforums. The point is to show how a character has progressed to a new level in their life. This is based on the ending of a big arc in the show Friday Night Lights. Landry has always been in love with Tyra from afar. In season one, he was supposed to meet her to study at a restaurant, but was late. While in the parking lot, Tyra was attacked and nearly raped, but got away and ran into Landry. Since then, he was her rock, helping her get through the trauma of the attack. In the second season, the would be rapist comes back for her. Landry, in a moment of rage, hits him over the head with a pipe, killing him. The two dump his body in panic, only to have the body wash up in the river. Landry eventually confesses, feeling too guilty, even though he killed the man to protect Tyra. This wall shows the moment when he comes to Tyra's house to tell her that the charges were dropped. I find this to be a great 'new level' moment, as it's a fresh start for Landry and Tyra's character both apart and a new start for their relationship. They are no longer bound by a terrible secret. I used the green and yellow tones because they seem like such new and fresh colors to me, like the start of something, rather than the end. For myself, I decided to not use darker colors. I'm real big on dark colors, so this is a newer thing for me.

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Title: Tremble for My Love
Cast: Dean and Brooke
Words: Collective Soul
Info: This wallpaper is a manipulation that I have wanted to do for a while. And since a certain person's birthday is coming up (I'm not telling yet, cuz I don't want to ruin the surprise) who loves Brooke/Dean, I thought I would make it. The Dean is a promo from season four, but the Brooke is a model scan. I forget who the model is, but she worked out nicely for this piece. I love matching Dean up with all these pretty girls. Mostly, just Faith, but they all look great with him.
Tags: wallpaper: dean and brooke, wallpaper: dean and faith, wallpaper: friday night lights, wallpaper: supernatural, wallpaper: twilight

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