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Sloth & Wrath - New Moon & Supernatural

There's an awesome challenge going on at the Buffyforums depicting the seven deadly sins. I have this whole goal to try to get a wall done for each sin, but we will see if that happens. So far, I have done sloth and wrath. Sloth was my hardest one to figure out - I didn't think I was going to get it, but here goes...

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Title: The Table's Turned
Cast: Mary, Dean, the Yellow Eyed Demon
Words: Judas Priest
Sin: Wrath
Info: It's pretty straight forward if you have seen the show. The killer of the boys' mother (and so many others) is finally killed at the hands of Dean. I gave this wall a bluish green tint as I thought it was rather dark, but there is still a tinge of happiness when the bad guy gets what he had coming, hence, the lighter color. I thought it was the perfect example of wrath. Also, I added the image Mary as well because I wanted their to be an image of what the wrath was all about.

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Title: Sloth
Cast: Bella Swan
Words: Definition of sloth
Sin: Sloth
Info: I was determined to do a sloth entry because I have had the hardest time describing sloth. Finally, I came into the time period in New Moon where Edward left Bella and she was left in her slump of doing nothing but sitting around. She was in a state of pure sloth. I had to use the Messengers caps because I couldn't pull it off with any other caps or images. I also looked up the colors that describe sloth and came up with olive and some light blues, so I incorporated them into the piece as well. The words are a great definition I found of the term sloth. I think it defines the sin very well, but also sums up Bella's state of mind. Finally, the clock is added in to incorporate the time that is being spent in her state of sloth.
Tags: wallpaper: new moon, wallpaper: supernatural

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