Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Another great big icon post

My icon posts on LJ used to be notorious. Let's focus on those words, 'used to be'. Now I do school, so my late night hours are focused on that solely. Hopefully it will pay off. I hope some people will enjoy this post.

I centered the first part of the post on the Swedish film, "Lat den ratte komma in", otherwise known in America as, "Let the Right One In." In a world now succumbed with focusing on vampires in a more romantic light, this film shows a much darker side and I completely love it.

The second part of the post is all about the Supernatural episode, "Bloody Mary". As you all know, I have a habit of randomly choosing episodes. I've never been one to really icon an episode as soon as it airs. I can't. My muse hates that. :-) And I recently made a wall about Sam and Jess at the end of that episode, so I had the caps out anyway...

And last, but certainly not least, I have a few more Faith/Dean icons. LOVE THEM. I had fun with some manips. I have the full sized manips, but I'll post them in a later post when I have a few more. I hope someone likes those as much as I do.

1-100: Lat den Rette Komma in (Let the Right One In) icons
101-200: Supernatural icons
201-208: Dean/Faith icons

Do not edit any of these graphics.
Do not post any of these graphics on FanPop or anywhere else without asking first!  I'm nice and just like to know where my stuff is, so just ask.
Textless icons are not bases.
Please comment and credit; comments make me happy!
More graphics and credits are available at


See the big pile of icons here!!!Collapse )
Tags: icons: dean and faith, icons: movies, icons: supernatural

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