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True Blood, Midnight Sun, and more deadly sins...

I've been kind of artsy lately.  Here are a few more walls, including another one in my list of Deadly Sin walls.  Enjoy!

- 3 Wallpapers

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Title: The Monster in my Head
Cast: Bella and Edward
Words: Edward
Info: Yet another entry for the Deadly Sins challenge at Buffyforums. I love that this scene was actually filmed. I've been wanting to art it forever and found it to be a great case of gluttony for this challenge. In Midnight Sun, we hear the actual thoughts that Edward had of wanting to kill Bella and drink her blood. I really love the description in Midnight Sun versus the description in Twilight. It's so much darker. I associated the extreme obsession he has for her blood, basically throughout the series, to mirror that of someone who really has harsh food cravings. Vampire gluttony, basically. The orange and red tones were used as I looked up the colors associated with gluttony and orange is the color used to symbolize it. For those of you interested, I have completed entries for wrath and sloth. They can be found here.

Title: Like I Am a Monster
Cast: Jason
Words: Tool
Info: I'm a big fan of Jason's character for some reason. I can't get over the ego he has on him, I just absolutely love it. When I saw these promos, I thought that he seemed very much the opposite of the egotistical character he usually is. I thought these lyrics worked well for this wall because the imagery shows that more saddening side of him. He lives in a world where real monsters exist and despises them throughout a good amount of the first season of the show. When he and his girlfriend held the vampire Stephen Root played (I CANNOT remember the vampire's name), I feel he started to feel like a kind of monster having kept him held up like he was nothing but a drug source. If you add in the way people felt towards him, thinking him a murder throughout a lot of the first season, they also work nicely.

Title: Bloody Kiss
Cast: Bill and Sookie
Words: Type O Negative
Info: After seeing these promos, I couldn't not make art to these. I find it to be a general couple piece of Bill and Sookie. Easy enough. I didn't feel the need to add many textures or effects on this one. I just wanted to blend. The lyrics I used are from one of my favorite bands, lyrics that I feel really fit a vampire/human relationship.
Tags: wallpaper: midnight sun, wallpaper: true blood

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