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Please read this...

Over the weekend, I went to go see Dane Cook. I'm not a huge fan or anything, but I enjoyed it. He clearly has a ton of fans because the show was crazy. During the show, he mentioned losing both of his parents within nine months of each other due to cancer and how sad it was. It led up to some more jokes, so the whole thing was really good.

At the end of the show, he came out for an encore and thanked everyone for being so nice when he mentioned his parents. He then proceeded to tell us about the very first time he looked up his name on the Internet. He was unaware of how hateful people online can be until he looked on there and found actual site based on how bad of a comedian he was and all this crap. Well, here's the kicker. He gets an email from someone after his parents died. He had the print out of the email and read it to us.  The email, entitled, Please read this, opened with, "Dane - your parents died of cancer to get away from your shitty comedy." He then told us that the insult stuck with him for two years, making him feel really bad. I mean, how awful is that? As much as you don't like a person, you don't go and say something that horrible to them. Two years passed and he recieved a follow up email from the same person. It stated the following, "Dane - when I wrote you the past email, I was drinking, unemployed, and doing nothing with my life. I now understand your situation as I am living with a father who is dying of a brain tumor. I apologize." To which Dane Cook responded, "Your father is dying of a brain tumor to get away from his drinking, unemployed, loser of a son."

This made me think a lot about the wank over different actors and actresses that I have listened to over the past year. Next time you feel like ripping on someone in the media, really think about it and how it affects their life. Imagine how you would feel if you were to read something so negative (or in the above case, so hateful) about yourself. I honestly don't blame him for answering the way he did.

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