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Stormy weather!

I am greatly disliking the weather around these's been humid forever! I woke up at about three this morning to my fiancee shaking me awake saying we had to go in the basement because there was a tornado outside. Turns out it was just a REALLY bad severe storm, but it was scary. The sirens were all going off and the branches were flying around. We have huge windows in my living room so I was just thinking that they were going to get busted. I'm just like, "Grab the kitties and the puppy and get in the basement." However, that wasn't necessary and we just sat up watching the weather channel for the next hour.

Then this morning, 100,000 people were without power (not us, hooray!). We go up to my fiance's store and it has no power and the sign is ripped down, the roof is torn off, and the power lines were down lying in the water! Ah, the nice thing about be the owner and not management, he got the manager to sit at the store protecting it all day.

I'm currently reading "Lullaby" by Chuck Palahniuk. Has anyone read any of his books? I'm currently stuck on him. I have finished "Haunted", "Choke", "Fight Club", and am now on this one. It's about a poem that is originally from the Book of Shadows and kills people just by thinking it. Awesome read...

Ugh, I hate my stupid migraines...I could barely hold my head up today and my doctor kicked me off my painkillers because she said I was addicted to them. The are a form of speed and I took them all the time because I get headaches well, all the time. So now I have moved on to occasional Excedrin and lots of aromatherapy which helps more than some think.

Here is a Supernatural wallpaper I did for a challenge at Buffyworld.

What is True

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