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Supernatural/Twilight wallpapers...enjoy...

These were some fun walls I came up with over the weekend.  The first two are for the crossover challenge at creative_daily .

- 2 Crossover Twilight/Supernatural wallpapers
- 1 New Moon wallpaper

Do not edit any of these graphics.
Do not post any of these graphics on FanPop or anywhere else without asking first! I'm nice and just like to know where my stuff is, so just ask.
Please comment and credit; comments make me happy!
More graphics and credits are available at

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Title: It's Sparkly
Cast: Sam and Edward
Words: Sam from "Be Dazzled" by iSparkle616
Info: I wanted to do a crossover that I never thought of before. The ones I see the most of are SPN/BTVS crossovers and I know there are other out there, so I went hunting. I found this SPN/Twilight crossover about the boys ending up in Forks and finding some particularly sparkly creatures.

This scene made me laugh because I could totally see it happening. Sam can't bring himself to shoot Edward because he is so amazed by he actually is. I like how this worked out. It was difficult finding some caps of Sam happy, let ALONE laughing, so I grabbed this from Hell House. I used a promo of Edward from Twilight and then a shot of him running. The promo was something I didn't originally plan on, but it worked out better that way. It gave more of an emphasis on both Sam and Edward and the shot of him running fit the scene. I did the textures the way I did to pull them together (that circle always does that for me) and put in the sparkly one due to the fact that the whole thing is about being sparkly. I used the particular font simply because I think it's one of the most beautiful fonts I have ever seen, something that is used greatly in a description of the vampires in Twilight.

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Title: You Know?
Cast: Dean and Bella
Words: Dean and Bella from "Be Dazzled" by iSparkle616
Info: Another Twilight/Supernatural crossover. This is from the same fanfic as before. This specific fanfic is very much NOT Bella/Edward friendly in that it makes Bella look more clingy to him than in the books. We're talking WAY over the top. So when she is confronted by Dean and Sam about Edward, she goes on and on about how beautiful he is. Never mind the fact that he's a monster. It's hilarious, I had to make more art of it. So I used this cap of Dean from Home to show his disbelief of what she says. The cap of Bella is one that looks kind of loving, in my opinion. I added the Edward/Bella cap to show their relationship. I tried a lot of different ones, but that seemed to work the best. Usually, I try not to use a lot of wording, as shown in this one, but I couldn't leave any of it out.

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Title: Kiss Me
Cast: Bella and Edward
Words: Bella
Info: I have wanted to do a proper wall of the New Moon trailer caps since I first saw it, but couldn't do it. Finally, I came up with this. I wanted to make it very simple because I feel their life together finally was simple, only to have all Hell break loose once they entered the house. In keeping up with the simplicity, I wanted to use as few words as possible. I think the images really convey the mood well.
Tags: wallpaper: crossover, wallpaper: new moon

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