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I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?

Ugh, we're back to this...

For those of you that read one of my previous entries, you know I have a phobia of flying. I was supposed to fly to FL to my sister's in law's wedding last month, but at the last minute, took off out the door of the plane and stayed home. I had the full blown panic attack on the plane, crying and shaking and yelling that I had to get off the plane. But we hadn't taken off, lucky for everyone else. My dad is a pilot and his friend who is the former head of air traffic control out here. Former because you retire early when in that occupation. He told me that is the best thing I could have done if I was that scared because he had to ground many flights (a week) due to people freaking out on flights. Plus, he told me that due to the strength that fear can create, he had seen girls my size, about 5'8", 125 lbs, take down huge guys because they were so scared and had to get out of the plane. So I talked to doctor, who gave me some Xanax. I tried out 1 ml of it already, but it did nothing to me, no thanks to my other meds that I take. So I have to take more and pray it works tomorrow when I fly out to Comic Con.

Yes, I'm going to Comic Con again. It should be fun. The things I am looking forward to the most are the Dexter panel (I watched all three seasons of Dexter in the last two weeks - LOVE IT!), the True Blood panel, and the thing Book of Blood screening with Clive Barker. I got to meet him in LA a few years ago and he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was just so nice, which I find hilarious considering he created Pinhead and Candyman, two characters that haunted my sleep for years. I'm really bummed that Jared and Jensen aren't going to be there again this year for the Supernatural panel, but am grateful I got to be there last year when they were there. So I probably won't be going to that panel. I'm not going to sit in line for hours again for it.

And finally, I did some major updating to my site, Shadow of Reflection. Not only does it have the layout, now it has an RSS feed (if there are any of you out there that would want to subscribe to it) and I use Cutenews now. If anyone out there knows how to get the IPs for the comments so I can ban the spammy ones, please let me know!

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