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Comic Con, Russia, alcohol, and much more...

Back from Comic Con...

First off, I got on the plane. Why? I downed a half a bottle of vodka before hand and was so messed up that I was in another world on the plane. Probably an hour before we left for the airport when I was still at work, I got so scared that I was literally sick. So the alcohol helped.

The convention is SO crazy. Wow. I won't be going again, simply because I feel that I have seen all I need to. I'd rather take my vacation time and go somewhere new each year. We went and did some fun stuff. We got to go to the Dexter panel, just barely. We were the last two people allowed in the room! It was cool because John Lithgow was there, as he is the new killer in the fourth season. They showed clips from it and he is going to be GREAT. He plays such a creepy psycho.

I tried to get into the True Blood panel, but I got there six hours in advance and the line was already wrapped outside through these little lines and then down the outside stairs. I just looked at my husband and said, "Well, this isn't happening." It was cool though. We had fun getting merchandise for his business. He bought almost all the remaining exclusive New Moon and Supernatural merchandise. Then we bought a ton of stuff at the Hasbro booth (My Little Ponies for my sister, especially). He opened a wholesale account with Cinequest and I talked to the president of the company while he worked with the buyers. He recognized my last name from the thousands of dollars I have spent with them since the Buffy days and was all happy to meet me. Then he asked if I was a big Supernatural fan. I said yes and he and his family asked if I was big on Sam or Dean. I said Sam and pretty much EVERYONE there gasped at the same time. It was SO funny. Then he showed me these Supernatural action figures that he had just got that morning that will not be available until Christmas. They were pretty well done. The Sam one really looked like Jared.

I don't think I would have been able to get into the Supernatural panel if I had wanted to. There were far too many people there this year. Last year, we did so many panels and this year, we barely got into the one. I wanted to go to the Legion one because Adrianne Palicki was there (LOVE HER), but it was before the District 9 one, so the line was backed up for six hours. We decided to go play in the city that day and went to see the movie Orphan. For anyone thinking of see it, see it. It's a really good horror movie and I didn't guess the ending until about a minute before it was explained. I was worried that it was going to be all hype and not that great, but if you want to see a good horror movie, go see it.

On the last day, my husband wanted to go buy stuff, but I wanted to sleep in, so he went and I slept in and finished my homework until he came back. When he came back, we wanted to go get some food. Well, we ended up at a pub less than a block from our hotel. We remained in that pub from 2:30 until 12:30. We then did not go to sleep until 4:00. Then we got up at 5:00 to go to the airport. Severely hung over with an hour of sleep, we got to fly home with me crying every time the thing would bank, climb, or deal with turbulence. By the time I got back to my house, my body literally throbbed. Everything hurt and I felt like I was on fire. Now I feel better though after a nice night of sleep.

We are talking about going to Moscow next year for 10 days. I recently got an extra week of vacation, so I have three weeks now. I have wanted to go to Moscow for a long time just to get to see the Red Square, but a friend of my husband has gone over there and says that city and a few others in Russia are very America friendly. It was nice over the weekend to meet people from all over the world. I swear, it's all the people in politics and power that have caused people to think poorly of other countries. When you get just regular people talking to others from different places around the world, we tend to get along. At the pub we were at, we had about an hour conversation with a man from New Zealand on this topic. He had been told that all Americans were assholes and told us that since he came to America for work, he had gotten along with everyone he had run into. I swear, I just want to leave this country to no longer be associated with these stereotypes. But then again, everyone has stereotypes.

So, it's off to getting my Russian Rosetta Stone out. I can't go to a country without a least knowing how to say hello and a few other basics.

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