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Lots more pictures for you to use!!!!

The following images and thousands more can be found at my gallery HERE.  Please feel free to use any of them.  If you like the gallery, let me know.  It keeps me adding stuff if I know people like the content and actually use it.

LOTS of new images. I have to say, running through these, the following things. One, Scarlett Johannsen is one of the most beautiful people ever. MY GOD. Finding photoshoots of her was a lot of fun. I also have a newfound love for Kate Bosworth. I decided to add her after watching Wonderland for the millionth time this weekend. I still stand by my statement that she looks incredible as a brunette, much more than as a blond. As far as the movie stills go, I can't wait to see Jennifer's Body. I don't care what everyone says, I love Megan Fox. Plus, this just looks SO twisted. The Shining and A Clockwork Orange is due to my Stanley Kubrick favoritism, more so my love for A Clockwork Orange. And onto the screencaps, the X-Files was shot SO dark! Shifting through those screencaps is tough because I have to delete so many because you simply cannot see them.

- Eliza Dushku
- Jennifer Anniston
- Julia Stiles
- Kate Bosworth
- Katy Perry
- Marilyn Manson
- Mia Wasikowska
- Reese Witherspoon
- Sarah Michelle Gellar
- Scarlett Johannsen


- A Clockwork Orange
- Jennifer's Body
- New Moon
- The Grudge
- The Shining
- Veronika Decides to Die

- True Blood: 2x06 - Hard-Hearted Hannah
- X-Files: 3x13 - Syzygy
- X-Files: 3x14 - Grotesque
- X-Files: 3x15 - Piper Maru
- X-Files: 3x16 - Apocrypha
- X-Files: 3x17 - Pusher
- X-Files: 3x18 - Teso dos Bichos

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