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Emily, Gaspard, Jared, Katie, SMG, Miranda, Lily, and more...

Some new gallery updates. I know, I'm doing basically nothing except gallery updates lately, but I have been super busy with school, work, and touching up model photos for my new site (and money). Real life is insane!

I have been in major Twilight Dream Team mode lately, so I added some Gaspard and Emily pics. Evan Rachel Wood was thrown in because I just love her and I am incredibly excited to see her in True Blood in a couple days. I've always wanted to add Odette Yustman to my gallery but could never find any photos of her in a decent size until now.

- New Moon

- Elizabeth Banks
- Emma Roberts
- Emily Browning
- Evan Rachel Wood
- Gaspard Ulliel
- Jared Padalecki
- Jessica Miller
- Katie Cassidy
- Lady Gaga
- Lily Cole
- Lindsay Lohan
- Miranda Kerr
- Odette Yustman
- Olivia Wilde
- Sarah Michelle Gellar


See these and much more at my gallery HERE.
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