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True Blood and Mortal Instruments Labor Day Weekend Artwork

- 1 True Blood Wallpaper
- 1 Mortal Instruments Wallpaper

Do not edit any of these graphics. 
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I personally am really bummed because I got a three day weekend to play and do artwork and what happens?  My computer gets a virus!  So I only got these two done.  I hope you guys like them.  Also, for those interested, I have updated my website with a new layout and hundreds of new screencaps, movie stills, and celebrity photos.  You can find that here.

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Title: Sinking
Cast: Jessica and Hoyt
Words: Soundgarden

Info: Made for the "Swelling Music" challenge at Buffyforums. This song has been stapled into my life a lot lately and won't leave my head. First off, it reminds me of high school, a LOT. Second, I got to see it live when I saw Chris Cornell a few months back, but it was like being the cool kid in high school because I was in the VIP suite hanging with all the big wigs in the music industry watching it. And last, but not least, I keep hearing it because I keep watching True Romance and for those of you who have seen it, you remember the scene it was in.

I decided to use this in this particular scene because it's when Jessica's world kind of comes crashing down. I personally love her and Hoyt's relationship and was super sad when this scene happened. Basically, his mom was under MaryAnne's influence and was talking trash about her to the point where she drank her blood, hence the lyrics, "I'm feeling like I'm sober, even though I'm drinking". Despite the horrible things she said, Hoyt still loves his mom and hauled her out of the house away from Jessica. I thought the lyrics, "and I can't get any lower, still I feel I'm sinking" really fit how she felt when he left. I used the green coloring because I wanted a mood of despair. The color for despair is black, but it simply didn't work here, so I thought green would fit nicely. Plus it gives that overall sickening feeling she would feel as he left.

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Title: World Full of Ugliness
Cast: Isabelle Lightwood
Words: Nine Inch Nails

Info: Made for the "Recast, Rewrite, Recreate" challenge at Buffyforums. This is an entry for option one, recasting a character. In this case, I am casting Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments series. In the series, Isabelle is known for her incredible beauty, her sassy personality, amongst other things. Isabelle is, in my opinion, to The Mortal Instruments as Rosalie Hale is to the Twilight saga. Although Odette Yustman, the actress I chose to cast as her, is older than the character, I can't get my brain to focus on anyone else as her. I find this actress incredibly beautiful.

As far as the wall goes, I used an image of her from the film Cloverfield that I found particularly lovely. The stocks I used were there for a few reasons. The Brooklyn Bridge represented their home in NY, the lightning represents the particular spark her character has, and the tree really just fit very well. I chose to use soft colors to put emphasis on her beauty. The lyrics also were used for that reason.


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