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This is so lame...

Hi all,

I've been totally off the map since last Tuesday. I'm SO damn sick. We don't know what it is, although I have every single symptom of the swine flu. I don't buy into all that jargen the media is dishing out about it - basically, if I get sick, I'll take precautions to get better. Every single day it seems they are spelling out more doom and gloom about it. I mean, yeah, it's dangerous to certain parties, but that is true of the regular flu as well. I feel bad for doctors right now, can you imagine all the people who are simply scared and not sick?

Either way, I had tickets for Marilyn Manson last Tuesday, who I was super excited to see, and couldn't go. I woke up in the middle of the night freezing cold, but covered in sweat. Terrible fever. It broke in the morning and I went to work, all was well, and I went home that night. Again, I woke up with a fever. It stuck around, along with a gazillion other horrible symptoms, until Saturday. Let's bear in mind that I had two projects and a forum post to do for online school, in a class where the teacher is a heartless woman. On Saturday, I got up and started working, but my husband came over and touched my back about two hours in, and I was burning through my shirt. Again, I was laying down, not able to get up. There was that head pain where you can't lift your head cuz you cry, it hurts so bad. On Sunday morning, it broke again and I finished ALL my work.

Monday crawled around and I woke up unable to swallow, my throat was so sore. I could swallow, but it HURT. I slept until noon and then went to work for a half day. Last night, my husband broke into a fever. Ugh, I feel like crap again. I'm hot and cold and sore and all this other stuff. I did call my doctor, but he said it was a virual thing that could only be helped with your typical stuff. I basically have to burn it off. So here I sit at work, perfectly still, my throat sore, causing my head and teeth to do that sinus pain. I hate the flu. And now my husband is sick, so I feel really bad about that too.

In case anyone was wondering where I was...

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