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- 1 True Blood Wallpaper

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Finally, some new work!
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Title: So Alive
Cast: Jessica, Bill, Jessica's father
Words: Deftones
Info: This is made for the Masquerade challenge at the Buffyforums where the focus of the challenge is to show two sides of a character. I chose Jessica in True Blood because I love her. Although she had her humanity stripped from her, I liked how in her vampire state, she was able to stand up to her father. From the little bit of screen time we got of her father, he seemed like an abusive man, which if you look back at the way Jessica acted before she was a vampire, she seemed almost scared to do anything. Anytime someone who is abused can stand up against their abuser, I cheer. I decided to show how vulnerable she was when she was human and her strength as a vampire in contrast. Initally, I was going to use red tones to show her rage, but the green and darker tones seemed to blend the sadness and anger together nicely.
Tags: wallpaper: true blood

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