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Mortal Instruments wallpaper - Clary and Jocelyn

- 1 Mortal Instruments Wallpaper

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Title: I'll Wait Alone
Cast: Clary and Jocelyn
Words: Audioslave
Info: Okay, new Clary for me. I have like, a ton of Clary dream casts. I can't focus on just one. I think this is due to photography. There are certain photos that make me see Clary, based on the way a person is positioned, their expressions, clothing, and more. I hope that makes sense. I found some photos of Rachel Hurd Wood and really liked them. I have always wanted to make some Clary and Jocelyn art and for some reason, I always pictured Rachel Weisz as Jocelyn when reading City of Bones. As I was doing this wall, I realized that they looked a lot alike, which was kind of fun in itself.

This wall is focused on Clary's feelings while her mother is missing and in a coma. Although she has her friends and Luke, her mother remains a missing part of her life. I thought the Audioslave lyics fit well to emphasize Clary's feelings. I used the light glass texture to symbolize the breaking of their relationship and of course, the New York stocks for the city she is looking for her in.
Tags: wallpaper: mortal instruments

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